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Introduction to OrCAD 16.3

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Oct 18, 2010
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New -- Need Introduction to OrCAD 16.3

I am familiar with the basics of PCB design. I have used Mentor Graphics products (DxDesigner and Expedition) fairly extensively, albeit always as a "user," not as an "administrator" or "librarian." When I needed a part made, I submitted a request to my librarian, who would then notify me when the component was in the DxDatabook. I am aware of the process (i.e., capture schematic, create netlist, perform layout, generate gerbers and drill files). However, I am painfully short on knowledge of overall library and software management, particularly with Cadence products.

I am now in a position without the above mentioned amenities (i.e., full time librarian). I have also switched software packages, and am using OrCAD Capture 16.3 w/ CIS and OrCAD PCB Designer. I am completely new to these software packages, and am having some difficulties getting up to speed. Specifically, I am having a difficult time understanding how Libraries work, how to associate schematic symbols with footprints, etc. From my reading, I believe that there is a pretty good database of standard footprints (i.e., QFP's, DIPS, etc.), but cannot seem to find it. Does anyone know of any good, extensive introductory tutorials available that detail how to begin using the software? I am not even sure how to access CIS. Most of the documents I've come across are pretty basic, i.e., telling how to start a "New Project," (and ending with "then enter your schematic.") I am looking for something with a little more detail, especially with regards to using existing libraries and/or creating new ones.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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