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Interfacing to a thermal printer

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Dec 31, 1999
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cut thermal printer code


Have any of you have ever interface a microcontroller to a thermal printer (any recommendations) ?

Are there any things that I have to look out for during designing as well as acquisition of thermal printer ?




One year ago I made excellent thermal printer controller for Seiko mechanic. It has Windows compatible driver (could print from any Windows applications) and could print from DOS applications as well (internal character generator. It also has bar code support for most frequently used codes.

I used serial interface with hardware or software handshaking with speeds from 1200 to 115200 bps.

In my oppinion serial interface (RS232) is OK.


thermal print mechanic


is it convenient to share with me for the price of Seiko thermal mechanism ?

I went through the net and saw quite a few brand to choose from ranging from Seioko, Fujitsu, Able Printing System, Advance Printing System and only Mayer Krieg produce the world smallest thermal mechanism measuring 32mm x 48mm x 13.8mm.

Some of them sell with or without a interface controller. Is that controller difficult to built ? And what the price difference between "with controller" and "without controller".

Thank you so much.

thermal printer rs232 control


Thermal printer mechanic costs 25 to 30 US$ in the shop - Seiko without or with pull roller.

Some mechanics costs more (whithout loading mechanizm) - they are very convenient for use.

Cutters for paper costs about 20$.

The electronic is not less then 90$ and has no bar code support.

Seiko sells ready for use thermal printers for 180-200$, they are really cute.

My electronic costs like parts 12$ (it's build on PIC16F876/20) and has bar code support and internal character generator with extremely high resolution (20x32), negative printing, etc. The PCB fits under the SEIKO mechanic.

printer mechanism and interfacing pdf

Thanks Luben,

Just to further confirm some of my doubts.

what is full cut and partial cut ?

And is it difficult to build the controller myself (i do not need barcode) ?

And do you happen to have any application note or user manual of seiko thermal mechanism ? From thier website, all I could get is just the datasheet and not the operating or programming manual.

Currently, I'm looking at Fujitsu and Seiko thermal mechanism.

seiko thermal printer interfacing microcontroller


No idea what is partitial cut....

I build the software for 1 month hard working (including the bar code support). Depend on you - you can make it even faster.

For sure you need some time more to make it to work smooth. In fact there are some hidden problems, that you have to be ready to meet on your road:
- thermal compensation in real time - when printing the head goes hot and you have to decrease the burning time dinamically
- protection - in case when the processor hangs you have to gurantee that the head will not overheat
- overheat protection is good to be made both hardware and software - when overtemperature - NO printing
- current compensation - when printing only one dot in one row and when printing all dots in one row (it's possible) you have to keep track of number of dots and if they are more then some threshold - to change the algorythm of burning. If you don't do this the printing in heavy duty areas becomes weak and grey. In addition the total current without such compensation could exceed 4-5 A !
- motor control - without such control when you print nonstop longer then 2 m - the motor could overhead. This requires special attentions to the paper motor (the ideal solution is with 2 different currents)

Here I'm sending you my scheme and my manual for the printer.
interfacing with seiko thermal printer

Hi friends
I am trying to develop the driver card for the EPSON M-T51 thermal printer mechanism usning 89c51rd2 can any body help me out I searched the net but I can find any clue...
FYI. please see the
**broken link removed**
for the specs for the EPSON M-T51 thermal printer mechanism.

thermal printer schematic seiko

Have you sample code for 8051 control printer? Please send to me.

epson thermal printer command rs232

I m Also Trying to interface TD58EP-H (thats chianas) POS printer RS232 Microcontroller ,but could not find a specification how to do it ,if any one can help with the commands that this printer takes on RS232 Interface.
it will be appreciated.

thanks in advance.

8051 interfacing with thermal printer

Could anyone kindly send me some material about Thermal printer controller.My email address is

thermal printer mechanical project

This i got off another forum.

There's an standardized instruction set for POS printers, it is called ESC/POS standard, you can get the datasheet at hxxp://


thermal printer mechanic price

Can any one share me the direct graphics printing for thermal printer.

heavy duty thermal printer mechanisms

can any one share me for image printing and barcode printing on thermal printer

thermal printer project


İf we want to communicate with LPT protocol?? Has anyone got any information ??

thermal printer interfacing code

hello der!!can you help me to interface ftp628mcl103 thermal printer with 8051??

thermal printer seiko microcontroller interface

Hi ayeong
Did you completed this project? I need to do the same project can you send me the details of the thermal printer with code and schematic diagram. Kindly send to my mail id
Thanks in advance.

any one share the sample code for thermalprinter mechnisum to 51 or pic?

I am trying to interface Samsung Thermal Printer Mechanism SMP600 to LPC2148 can someone please help me with it???



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