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Integrated inductors & FastHenry

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Mar 10, 2003
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Hi all,
I'm working on high performance ICs (namely RFIC MMIC). I need to have some documents about integrated inductors. Can anybody recommend any tutorial about integreted inductors? (fundamentals, methods of building, whatsoever)
I also need some tutorials and example files for FastHenry program. I have downloaded the program but I don't know how to design an inductor with this program.
Any help will be highly apprecited.
Thanks in advance.

P.S.: As a reminder FastHenry is a program capable to compute the frequency-dependant self and mutual inductances, as well as the resistances, of a generic tridimensional conductive structure, in the magnetoquasistatic approximation

fasthenry tutorial

Did you get the manual? There is another program called coilgen that is a preprocessor for fasthenry. This link has the whole fasthenry with manuals and several auxilary programs. The download is 820 k zipped.

fast henry

I have tried FastHenry for several times
and compared the results with other EM solver.
It is accurate and easy to use.
And it is Free!

fasthenry manual

Hi eng,

I assume you are talking about spiral MMIC inductors. Almost any good MMIC design book will have some info on spiral inductors.

Usually for new methods the IEEE MTT is good start to look for docu.
But if you are looking for a book that briefly addresses many designs and gives design recipes then "Transmission Line Design Handbook" from Wadell is probably a good book to start with.

The process you design with is also important, GaAs or Silicon.
Some foundries provide you with basic designs and equivalent circuits.

All this works only if you design under the self resonance of the inductor. Close to, and above, the self resonance you will have to use a EM-Simulator.


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