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Installing cst studio on windows 7 rc

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May 8, 2009
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cst studio windows 7

i am busy testing windows 7 rc. its the new one after vista, for those who dont know... and so far i quite like it; much prettier and faster than xp...
anyway, the im having a problem installing cst studio 2008, and for that matter, hfss 10 aswell.
with cst, it goes throught the entire installer and at the end tells me something like "are you sure you have the permissions reqquired to perform this action?" and then wants to undo the entire installation.... even when i set it to run the installer with administative rights in xp sp3 compatability mode it does the same thing...
has anyone come across this? maybe in vista?

with hfss, it goes through the entire setup process, and then the opperating system faisl catastophically; it throws up a blue screen for 4s and then restarts, once it has restarted, it throws it up again and restarts.... the only way i could fix it was by booting into safe mode and performing a system restore to before the installation. having said that, have tried all the above with no success. it installs fine while in safe mode, but then once i reboot, the same problem occurs.....

has anyone tried this?/experienced this? maybe on vista?
any help would be appreciated....

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