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Information about designing patch antenna

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Feb 17, 2002
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I am working on antenna desing, and I will like to exchange information and experience on it, ideas, simulation of dificult models, etc.

What precisely are you working on? I have done a good deal of work on the same subject up until recently.



I am interest in patch antenna design, do you have any ideas about travelling wave and tilt patch antenna design.

I am researching dual-polar patch antenna,
glad to exchange my idea with you.

I have work in frecuencies fron 433MHz to 6Gz, particulary with circular patchs and on active antennas. We have development some circular polarizated antennas (with single excitacion point) and autodiplexin ones

Is there some app note for designing this sort of antenna's??

hello jazzning,

I realy interesting in this subject. I have work on some mode 1 path antenna with ortogonal linear polarizations. I don't have any good article or paper but if you ar interesting on it i will have a look.

which type of antenna are you using? Which EDA tools? I have no found one that get any idea of impedance, neither gain, and if we tallk about antennas without mode 1, i only have get some thing similar to diagram with MW-O

Hello people,
I've been designing squared, rectangular, stacked, corner truncated patch antennas in LP, RHCP,DLP from 400 MHz to 10 GHz.
Glad to share my ideas with yours.
Now I'm designing slotted patch antennas (for reference consider Wong book "Compact and broadband microstrip antennas") and I'm wirting my own code about analisys and sitnhesis of slotted patch antennas.
For any idea about slotted microstrip antennas, please join my directory
"Slotted patch antennas", otherwise we can exchange ideas about "typical"patch antennas just here.

Best regards

Dear Friends,

I am working on active+circular+sector+microstrip antenna....
I have applied to design antenna with @DS Momentum, SONNET, HPHFSS & Ansoft HFSS....
You can find the paper in this forum posted by me...(search my name as author)..
If you are interesting more, please do not hestitate to contact me.....
Best Regards,EDIN
Long Live Elektroda

Has anyone of you ever tried to excite a patch antenna using gap coupling technique? I don't mean a slot coupling (microstrip line, coupling slot, patch ) or a microstripline on the same plane of the patch...but a probe that doesn't touch the patch. The top of the pin is gap-coupled to the patch... In MW Journal there's something like it but it's not the same idea.
I'm working on this topic. When I have results, I'm going to show them to you if you are interested.

What do you think?


Patch Antenna Desing

Hi Every one,
I am studying on truncated circular polarized microstrip antenna just started this week got a few materials would like to share with anyone who to can guide me a bit.

Patch Antenna Desing

i m working on tapered antennas to work at 900Mhz
please share some material on this

Re: Patch Antenna Desing

hi all,

patch antenna design is interesting topic for me also. i have designed number of patch antennas for circular polarizations. In patch antenna "Reconfigurable patch antennas" are very interesting ones. I have designed reconfigurable patch antennas for circular polarization diversity for three band applications including linear to polarization diversity.... if any one are interested i can help them..

Re: Patch Antenna Desing

Hay Lupin,

I'll be glad to get help about stacked patch,
I'm trying to do a dual band patch for 900/1800MHz and I want to do
a stacked one (it is one of the best technics isn't it?),
well I don't really have any design rules and I don't want to spend all
my time in simulating by feeling (it works but it take time).
Can you help?


Patch Antenna Desing

anyone have iee paper about corner truncated CP single feed antenna?

Re: Patch Antenna Desing

you can refer to ebook "broadband and compact microstrip antenna" by kumar.
this book is collection from articles microstrip antenna to 2002.
for download this book refer to link:

Patch Antenna Desing

thank nazanin
do you draw an object with an equation in hfss yet?
if you do that please tell me!

Re: Patch Antenna Desing

I too am looking for information about corner truncated CP single feed antennas. I am designing one in IE3D, but I can not achieve good matching and good axial ratio at the same time. The input impedance at the best axial ratio point has a capacitive input impedance. Shouldn't the best axial ratio point be at resonance?

Re: Patch Antenna Desing

Hi, brandon30x :

Good matching and good axial ratio are two things. They are not necessary to happen the same time. I think you should try to find some good mechanisms in your antenna to tune both. IE3D has excellent support for optimization: Regular full-wave EM optimizaiton and FastEM Design Kit for real-time full-wave EM tuning and optimization in design time. If you define some good tuning mechanisms for it, IE3D should be able to find the best point good match and good axial ratio. If you don't define some good mechanism for it, it will not be able to find a good point in the tuning range. Regards.

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