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Image processing project...

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May 2, 2011
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i am doing a project in image processing for face recognition system... but i don't know what are the basic requirements need to do this project... i am using MATLAB software.... if anyone have experience with this project please help.....

Umm here are a few ideas:

1) Detect center of the Eyes and Mouth through some algorithm. Calculate exact distance between the eyes and also the distance between eyes and the mouth. You should have a unique relation for eye1:eye2 distance and eye1:mouth and eye2:mouth distance ratio for every individual. [ Only if your data has a small set of significantly different people ]

2) A less complicated method. Assuming all the males have their faces clean shaved.
- Detect the general outline of the face.
- Detect the cheek areas.
- On the cheeks : Find out the complexion/color of the cheek. Also detect the change/gradient in complexion from one end of the cheek to the other.
- You should get a specific reading for different individuals or most likely you will get a short list of people who match the face.

*2) Use similar techniques as above to detect various other aspects such as:
- Hair color
- Lip color
- Eye color
- Etc
** Each of the above would give you a short list of people. When combined together you should get a precision hit on one particular face.

as i dont know exact hardware's required to fulfill this task... is it possible to use matlab to simulate this algorithms using images of the people....


For starting, you can achieve some results with an image set database.
For further testings, can use a Webcam.
Take some care with proper cam positioning, due NN is not an invariant scale recognizing algorithm.


Ahhh well all you'll need is a good webcam.

I guess you can integrate your webcam to matlab and apply algorithms to the pictures you take. Try 'google'ing it.
Its just an educated guess, i'm not sure either. I'll try searching as well.

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Here's a related link on the Mathworks forum
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