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I'm searching for a pressure sensor with plain surface

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May 4, 2001
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hi everybody out there,
for a project I'm working on I need a pressure sensor
with a plain surface, not one with a hole.
It has to be quite cheap and output could either
be voltage or current.
European manufacturers preferred


Well, a U.S. supplier that I have used in the past was Foxboro/ICT (I think they were bought out by someone...)

They had (have?) a line of pressure transducers that were gel filled with a silicone pad for the contact area.

I'll see if I can dig up a link or a datasheet and get it to you.

Why do you need a hole free transducer? The Motorola and Sensym parts are pretty forgiving, I have actually used them in salt water applications...

hi dude,
thx for your reply.
Im measuring the level of a fluid with parts in it that could plug the hole.
I tried elektrodes made of stainless steel, not suitable because of electrolytic effects.
I also tried a device that works like a tuning-fork but the parts inside
the fluid stuck it totally after some hours.
Now I'm using a pressure sensor with plain surface which works fine since some weeks.
The only problem: very expensive (>300 USD).
So I will keep searching the web.
Nevertheless: Thank you


These parts were more like $30 to $50 USD, not $300. We were using over 20 per system, so $300 would have been a *major* problem.

I'm still trying to hunt down the info, its from a project that was cancelled over a year ago so the files are rusty in the old brain pan.

Happy hunting, I'll forward anything I find.


Here is a datasheet and link for the transducer we were using. I don't have a current price, but I doubt its $300.

When we were using the part it was made by Foxboro-ICT, but they have evidently been bought out by Invensys...


Best of luck

Uploaded file: **broken link removed**
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hi dude,
got the link and did dl the datasheet
will check them tomorrow

thx for your efforts

I think the best solution is to use polymer sensors. They are cheap and pssive devices. You can search at google to find some european manufacturers.

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