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IE3D radiation pattern output

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Feb 21, 2005
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Hi, everyone. I have a question about the IE3D radiation export.

In the PatternView, we can right click and select "Save detail formated pattern data"

And one window pops out:

The Data Types have "Total Field Pattern","E-Plane Field Pattern", "H-Plane Field Pattern", so what are the relationships between these data types and the E-phi and E-theta.

And in the "Scale Style", it has these options: "dBi(Gain)",...,"Linear(Magnitude)"...
I am wondering what does the "Linear(Magnitude)" mean, is it related to the electric field, electric field * r^2 (radiation intensity), or scaled electric field, how can I convert this "Linear(Magnitude)"data to the Gain data?


Hi, Winglj:

1. The E-plane is for E-theta, The H-plane is for E-phi.
2. Linear(Magnitude) is teh absolute value of the field.



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Hi, Jian. Thanks for your help. Just a little uncertain issue remains, what is teh absolute value? Is it a short name for something? Thanks.

Hi, WinglJ:

Field quantity is a complex value (c = re + j im ), absolute value of a complex value is |c| = sqrt( re*re + im * im ). Regards.

Yes, Jian.

But I think the field quantity in far field is also related to the spherical radius, which means that, for example, E*r^2 will be more suitable for describing far field.

So I am thinking whether in IE3D PatternView output, the field magnitude is defined as E*r^2 in order to get rid of the radius factor.

Hi, Winglj:

We also use E-theta, E-phi, E-total to denote the normalized field quantities of the field pattern. It is proportional to E_field * r*r while there is a constant which is related to whether we use gain or directivity.

To find the true value of E-field with distance, you should use the Edit->Wave Propagation ... command for it. Regards.

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