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IC Design Flow for Linux

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Jun 28, 2001
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what linux is used for ic design

Schematic Capture: Design-Archtecture
HDL Entry: Summit, HDL Designer Series
HDL analyzer: debussy
RTL Simulation: LDV, VCS, Modelsim
Synthesis: Design-Compiler
STA: Prime Time
ATPG: Tetra-Max

Transitor Level Simulation: Hspice
Analyzer(Full chip): Hsim, Math TA

P&R: Magma
Layout editor: IC-Station, Panda2000
Layout Verification: Calibre, Panda2000
Extraction: xCalibre

apollo ic design

Hi cdic, I have a problem to install IC Sta*tion for linux can you help me please?


linux design flow

Hi cdic,

I was not able to find HDL Desiner Series nor Tetra-Max for linux. Do they really exist on linux?

Can you PM some links if you know?


magic linux ic design

Hi OvErFlO,

I remember trying to install IC St@ti*n on Linux. I had no problems to install it but I had problems in running it because it requires a fast processor - 450MHz and higher (not so fast at the momment :smile:), while I had a 166MHz Pentium

does Tetra-Max exist for Linux ?

apollo? are you an apollo user? if so, maybe we could be friends.
as I posted before, that is an IC Design Flow for LINUX.

Hi cdic,

Unfortunately I am not an apollo user, but I am very interested on linux, IC design.

This is getting interesting. I am seeking to ditch windows but the main problem is that I can't find any good hardware tools.

So far, I only have Modelsim and Synplify working (altough, Synplify requires a floating license that I hope will be removed soon)

You guys specifically on Linux? I'm using FreeBSD. It has a Linux emulator that is not 100% compatible but enables me to work with my three main softwares (model, syn and Matlab).


Hi geconom : What is your procedure afther you have installed IC Station on linux? ( in my installation missing a lib) can you help me?

Does Hspice has the offical release on linux version? Or just an engineering version?

Hspice has linux version

But not include the waveform viewer...

Unless u hv another one~

If someone hv,plz share with me~

You can use Cosmos to view Hspice waveforms in Linux. However, you need to make sure that you have the proper FEATURE line in your license file to enable this. Cosmos does not allow viewing .tr0 files without it.

i'm looking for magma. could you share it out with me. thx

Overflo, which is the missing library?

I'm looking for magma, too.
And anyone can tell me another for P&R tools on Linux platform. Thx.

For later comer!
Consider the micromagic(h**p://
It includes the schematic capture and layout tools.
But lacks spice tools.

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also Nov@s D*bussy's nwave can display *.tr0

but ! but! can cosmos display *.ac0 & *.dc0
generated by hspice?

if someone know another one, plz let me know....



Finally I found HDL Design Series for Linux.

Does anyone have a working lic (under mgls system) which works?

I found one but whenever I run HDL, I get something like: "FATAL CS FOR FEATURE hdldesignerpro" and HDL exits.

(lmgrd and mgcld are working properly)

Any help?

Hi apollo, I think I have something for you.

Good luck!!!

PS. I know you are waiting something from me but I am very busy at the momment. Sorry!

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