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IC Design and Consulting Services for You, Particularly Modem ICs Design

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Jan 22, 2014
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shanghai, china
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I am an experienced chip designer with more than 8 years of design career. I am particularly specialized in FPGA, DSP and RF design and I am also skilled at designing mixed analog and digital circuits. Since 2009 I entered into the VLSI industry and have designed numerous chips in various industry fields for a number of clients.

Design of Modem IP Cores - My lifetime Mission

I'm now particularly specializing in design of modem and its IP cores. The modem IPs are designed for use in wireless and cable communications for home and professionals and will also be made available to industries, businesses, communities, governments and the defense in the near future.

The IP cores can be incorporated into various terminals, indoor and outdoor units and modems on the ground.

Various communications technologies, modulation and demodulation technologies, coding technologies, error correction codes, VLSI technologies (FPGA, GPU, DSP, SDR, etc) are applied to make the design compatible with the latest chip technologies and its extensibility possible. HDL will be applied for the architectural and schematic design.

I can also design modem IP cores for a vast scope of wireless RF and cable communications. I'm particularly focusing on satellite broadband Internet (Satnet) modem IP cores design, for I foresee that the future broadband will all be based on satellite technologies. For this purpose I am developing a web portal called "Angelia Modem" for this part of the technology.

My lifetime mission is to design the best modem ICs in the industry across the world.

Other Consulting and Technical Services

In addition to that, I can also provide the following services to chip designers, foundries, and EDA tool developers/vendors/distributors worldwide who are interested in the Chinese chip/VLSI market:

Sales and marketing incl Online marketing, Pre-studies and feasability studies

Technical support incl
Design Kits and Tool Support
Upgrading and secondary development
Trouble shooting
Localization (Software, Application Notes, Product Brochures, White Papers, Packaging Information etc )
particularly for EDA developers

Chip design outsourcing incl
Feasibility studies
Architecture and specification writing
RTL implementation and physical design
Circuit design and simulation
Analog and digital layout at cell, macro and block level
Physical design verification (DRC, LVS, ERC, DFM)
SRAM design (single and dual port SRAM and Register files)
Joint chip design in China for cost reduction and time to market speedup as well as to more adopt to local market

IP & SIP trading

China IC Monthly (CICM) Reports

The English language CICM reports are dedicated to international IC/VLSI/chip communities who want to have a first hand research and analysis about the Chinese chip industry and market on timely basis. This report is the only one of that kind available to foreign chip businesses, and covers key development areas such as (fundamental) research and development, design technology, eda vendors, foundries, testing, packaging, market, investment as well as key government policy, plans and programs in mainland China (excl. H.K. and Taiwan, ROC). This report was initiated as a result of our own studies of the chip technologies and industry, along with our fundamental researches (combinatorics and graph theory etc) in chip design and manufacturing in collaboration with research institutes and universities in China and other countries. The report was started upon the requests of our clients over the years. We also need these compilations for our own researches and development.

The CICM reports are prepared by the first class industry insiders, therefore I can assure you, once you own it, you will find it extremely worthwhile your investment and time reading and analyzing our reports. We know the Chinese chip industry that is undergoing drastic change right now. And like many other industry sectors, if you do not follow up it well on timely manner, you will loose your chance and market. Remember, China is the world's largest chip market therefore noone can afford to stay away from that market if he or she wants to be among the global players.

There is also a Chinese version for the Chinese chip designers, manufacturers and service companies who want to have a first hand info about the worldwide chip development, both traditional and novel tech (quantum, photonic, atomic, bio/DNA etc).

In additional to the textual reports (with options of accompanying media files such as pictures, audio and video files), we're also delivering the socalled China IC Databases (CICD), which is presented as a form of MySQL databases as well as sectional presentations in pdf (R&D, designers,eda vendors, foundries, key equipment suppliers, testers and packagers, key investors and traders etc), with all necessary details for your further studies and contacts.

Stay informed with the Chinese IC industry with our above products and services.

More Expertise
As a longtime practitioner of IT technologies, I am skilled at major IT technologies, therefore I can provide a vast range of It services to you as well, whether it's coding in java, python or managing your databases, or it's web scraping or searching technologies. These expertise is also indispensable in chip design.

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