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IAR C vs BASCOM Basic. Which is better???

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Dec 21, 2001
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bascom vs c

Yeah i know, everyone is trying to tell me that C is better but i would like to say a few words.

For the last 2 years i am using BASCOM-AVR and i am very satisfied BUT... a few days ago i accidentally :lol: downloaded IAR C Compiler for AVR. I was astonished by the small code it is producing BUT... it doesn't offer me what BASCOM can, that is, functions to control TEXT LCDs, Graphic LCDs (latest release), 4x4 Keypads, Buttons, 1 wire bus, SPI, DTMF tones, I2C etc,etc,etc.

So, what do you advise me. Should i find my old book from the university and study C again or it is not worth of it(of course I must build all this functions by my own :cry: )

Can any one suggest me any site that provide routines in C (for AVR) that can do what BASCOM can???

What do you advise me????

A confused man!

codevision vs winavr hex size

for me, in embedded world.

C or BASIC are the same. They are different from C/BASIC in Windows environment.
The HEX/BIN size is not a big concern except your application is very serious for memory size.

But C may be give you more chance to get other people C routines than waiting BASCOM to add new features. Anyway, if someoe makes a Subroutine for BASCOM, you can add it too.

Try ImageCraft AVR or CodeVision AVR, and compare with yourself. They have LCD function support and others too.

c vs. bascom


I think Bascom is a very useful tools to develop a MCUs, and I am also very satisfied BUT the Bascom poor on calcualtion even not support a equation more then 2 factors.

bascom versus c

Be sure that you are free with C, make your own routines and share them. i will do.

bascom vs avr-gcc

Another C-compiler for the AVR chip is the CodevisionAVR compiler
You can download an evaluation copy here:

(It will produce max. 2 kb code) It supports LCD, 1-Wire, IIC, ADC, SPI, etc. depending on the chip you're using :D

Good luck

bascom vs c performance

I think C will always win over basic.
It is a programmers language.
Write your own routines, you can craft them to be elegant and efficient.
Thats half the fun!

bascom vs

Hi There ,

Ofcourse C but the performance the bascom gives !!!! you get carried away .... . Moreover one do not require any routine with bascom as it is just like pseudo coding :) , But there are chances when the BASCOM gets a bit slow but there also you can step into assembly .
I use both BASCOM and C but Loves BASCOM for it is so much Cute.


c to bascom

This is powerfull compiler in C
The AVR-GCC C compiler (and assembler) that is made available through the GNU project under the GNU general public license.

**broken link removed**

bascom vs

Also check the AVRLibC. It has got enough libraries to get started.

bascom vagy gcc avr

I have used IAR C - AVR, it's really a good IDE.
but you must pay some cash, of course!

bascom avr iar c

I use WinAVR (its on sourceforge)
Windows port of GCC for AVR.

I think a new release is comming within the next 2 weeks.

But if you are happy with BASCOM , and you can afford the bigger hex size , why change ???

Btw: the above mentioned "phyton C lib" is probably
Pascal Stang's proycon lib
**broken link removed**



c vs bascom

man.. you'll got me thinking again about bascom... I amtrying to learn C right now .. and that is sloooowwww...


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