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I want to experiment with a dipole antenna in lab...No idea about it. Please help me

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Feb 28, 2009
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Hi guys,
I am a beginner in this field.

I wanted to learn working of antenna. So I have a function generator in lab. And I set it to 100MHz sine wave. I want to feed this signal directly to a dipole antenna and view it through a CRO (meters away) which has also a receiving dipole antenna. I have doubt firstly will it work?, secondly how to couple antenna to these devices? what are the normal cable types used. Please help.

-Devanand T

Hi there

inside a building for these experiments ist the best of ideas as your experiment results will be clouded by the multiple reflections off the walls etc.
Unless you have access to a proper antenna testing chamber, you be doing these experiments in an open field where reflections off surrounding objects is at a minimum. This way you will be easily to see radiation patterns etc at the antenna is rotated.

assuming you RF signal generator has a 50 Ohm output, most do, but there are some designed for the TV industry that may use 75 Ohm.
either way you can just use the appropriate impedance coax cable between the generator and the antenna.
On the receiving end .... I dont know what your CRO input impedance is ... read the manual..... you may have to do a matching transformer between the end of the coax and the input to the CRO

RG-58 = 50 Ohm coax RG-59 = 75 Ohm coax both are 1/4 inch diameter


Thank you and I will come up with more questions....:lol:

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