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I want to build my own SMT oven

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Apr 12, 2002
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Does someone have an experience in building his own SMT oven ?
I kwon that some comercial oven are made from cheep air pulsed cooking oven ( 200€ Moulinex for example ) associated with PID controler. I dont want to pay >1000€ for that.
If anybody have experience or idea .. welcome...


Mdamdam, I have 15 year experience in temperature stabilization systems, but I don't know, what is it SMT oven. Is it oven for surface mount technology? PM me your requirements and I try to help you.

safty problems

There are many safety problems involved. Many cities require licenses and fire department inspections for using such ovens. They may not allow home made ovens.

One of my friends used his food cooking oven with success. He had to put a metal plate between the board and the electrical heating element so that it was the convection and not the radiation of heat that got to the board.

SMT oven

I also think about to build this....
for some years we build one -- but this one is not perfect... and at this time not working because some parts are not more available.

Our first was a classical infrared heated oven.
He had 3 heating zones, 2 with classical ceramic heaters and one with a long halogen lamp.
the halogen lamp bring the heat for the solding process.
The light and also the heat was focused with a mirror.
This mirror was build from a CrVa-sheet metal.
On one side the heat of the focus point -- which is adjust to the solding layer is measured with a thermoelement.

at first the temperatur-profile was adjust with a "tow"-sensor.

The temperatur was controlled through a mcu.
This is realised by pwm the heating elements.

the most disadvantage of the machine was the moving part -- this was not 100% "even"??

I hope you understand -- if you need some help with the temperatur controlling algo or some Tips ask me...

Today i would use a combination of a controling and regulation algo.

With this i had the best results ( for time and stabiity) in "climatic boxes".

my next will have 2 "preheating" zones.

But --- all is a question of times :-((

best luck

A continuous flow oven is harder to build than batch oven. If you can deal with batch mode it is easier.

Hello guys!

There has been a huge discussion about SMT "toast" ovens on the PICLIST group.
If you go there and search their archive, i am sure you'll find loads of info about that.

There are people already doing this for a long time now. They convert their toast ovens to a uC temperature controled SMT oven.


asena 8)

Yes of course I want to make a batch oven ( personal hobby )
**broken link removed**
this one is made from a SEB ( French ) cheep oven + low cost PID temperature controler + Fan on the top.

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