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I want people to start a new engineering company in Romania

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May 7, 2003
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start up company

I am looking for people interested to start a fresh new engineering company in Romania. There are a lot of talents in electronic engineering around.

Well, I was thinking about some IC design work (electrical design and Layout) combined with software development.

If you’re interested on this subject, please e-mail or post a message.

Re: start up company

So, how about your company now?

Re: start up company

Hi Andreis,
Good to know your plans////but can you little more brief what exactly you have in mind and what are your plans and how are you planning to get the funding ...I'm in this EDA/VLSI industry and work for a startup called Atrenta ...Are you already having a plan exactly what u want to do in layout...there are dozen startt ups which comes with novel techniques of dealing in let us know what you want to do? can you throw little light sothat we can understand u much better...this being an EDa forum primarily...there are many ppl who can let you know on how good your idea is...


Re: start up company

Explain your idea exactly.

Re: start up company

Do you expect people work remotely, say not in Romania?

kbulusu, Zerox100, div

Check the date of original message! This guy posted only 1 message and disappeared. Do you really expect he will answer here?

Re: start up company

Same user [andreis] is also registered under the name 'g94426' - so maybe you should contact him....

Re: start up company

Ace-X, even a full member level 3 can be wrong!! I'm back!
Well, indeed I have few months since the last visit, but somehow I am back. I must admit I am not a big fan of internet forums and I am also quite bussy.

So, there were some late replys. I am not advertising any jobs. Right now I have a very good job in IC RF design, but as many of you I would like to do something on my own.

So, what I am basically looking is partnership.

The basic ideea is that Romania is little known as a country with good engineers and mostly known as a post-comunist country from Eastern-Europe. But I have to ensure you that Romanians have a good background in electrical and software engineering. And I am speaking as a Romanian working abroad.

Analysing the latest economical developments, we can say that a lot of businesses will move to Eastern-Europe in the coming years. But, I think that it will be somehow different than the Indian or Taiwan model. That's partly because it is Europe and the communication and the cultural approach is different.

So there is a good field for any start-up. But unfortunatelly a few people know something about that part of the world. And that’s very difficult to convince somebody that they can trust you and work with you.

For a start up is very difficult to be directly on the big business. It takes time to make the company fully running. So, I think a good approach will be focusing on demonstrate that by working in Romania you can reduce cost and have a very good quality. Say you can do this in any type of technical suppport for instance which is turning to be more and more expensive for the small and medium companies. And actually this is what I am planning to do. But in the same time I will try to lay-down the foundation for some design work. Doing low cost outsourcing work doesn’t help the organisation to gain experience. I have seen many small companies doing small cheap jobs and having a lot of frustrated engineers.

If you have opinions please feel free to send me e-mails:

no spam , please!!!

Re: start up company

Hi Andreis,
Grt..good to know that u r in RF Field and ur opinion abt the outsourcing to romania ...I appreciate ur views here...but i'm still not very clear exactly what type of work r u planning to do. Do you just know want to know
what others feel about the idea of starting a company or doing some work for a big/medium ocmpany in u wanna know the people's I right...correct me if i was wrong...If you have some ideas or plans ..put them here and I'm sure u will get very fair response on ur ideas which will give u an idea on how good or worth ur ideas ...u might even get some more new ideas open up...


Re: start up company

Well, I hope you are aware this is a public forum and it will be a little bit difficult to post business ideas on the web site. But I agree with you, I have to explain a little bit more.

I am really not thinking to find a niche on the market and to come up with a product. On the other hand, I do not want to focus on outsourcing.

Maybe it is better to give you an example. It is about some support work. I guess you are aware that many companies are doing support nowadays via e-mail mostly. It is because they redirect the questions to some technical guys from remote locations. When I am talking about support, I am not talking about a specific product, so it can be software related or process related or simply design guidelines.

Imagine that some customers will need on-site support. So, the technical person will have to visit the customer. Geographically speaking, Romania it is in Europe, and if you want to be close to a market like Germany, you have to be close to Germany. It is cheaper and faster to send the support engineer from Romania directly to the customer than sending the US or India engineer to Germany. I guess you agree with it.

One big quality is that you can find very flexible smart guys to work with in Romania. And believe me, I am working in Western Europe, and I still think the learning curve for a Romanian engineer is much faster than for other countries. And it just because we are very enthusiastic. This enthusiasm you will not be able to find it in Western Europe.

I will be back with more points.

Re: start up company

From your post I see you are working abroad. Did you ever had the chance to be involved in the management of a romanian company (not as an employee, but as a boss). No offense, but your thinking looks like you sad in the post, "enthusiastic", but even if romanian engineers are enthousiastic (and I agree with you) there is one big missing piece. Experience. If what do you want to do is hobby, then it is an excelent idea. If you want to do business, do not forget that in Romania, if you work perfectely legally, 70-80% of your revenues will go to the state budget and to other budgets (eghhem....), obviously not yours. I do not say this to offend you or to discourage you, but do not forget this aspect, because if you ignore it now, it will kill your business later.


Re: start up company

Hi Andreis,
Yes i'm well aware of that this is apublic forum and I understand ur concern about discussing your ideas openly. But what "pisoiu" has mentioned should be give a thought...I'm from india though, i see ur point of geographical adv ...but from ur intial posting abt starting a Engineering company is different from what u r discussing...u r trying to start an customer services company which is completely diff ....and if this what u r thinking then...then it doesnt really matter whether india or romania as there are few times when ur clients would require On-site support ( ofcourse this depends on what sectors u target) ...

Anyways...good luck and hope u will succeed....


Re: start up company

Well, “pisoiule”, so nobody is doing business in Romania because the government takes everything … maybe.

Regarding the experience. I have been working abroad, yes, and what I have seen it was pretty interesting. Believe me, outsourcing kept Romanian engineer thinking he lacks experience. I have seen many “experienced engineers” doing months of design work and computer simulation without a power supply on their circuit. And according with their experience the circuit was perfect. They had something on the output pins :D

Don’t go in their conference room with your mind set that you have less experience, told me long time ago somebody. Well, I discovered it was true.

So, think positive.

Re: start up company

I only can be happy when I hear that a romanian engineer is better than a foreign one (this has something to do with national pride, I think). I did not worked outside Romania, so maybe there are many aspects that are missing from my thinking system. What I know for sure is the system around me, because I own a company here, basically in this area of activity (electronics) for many years. What I can tell you is that a good idea and good willing are not enough for a good business. Not here. Most of the time I try to think positive, but I cannot ignore the system. I wish you luck in your enterprise, maybe we will cooperate when you will start. And one other thing, I did not said that government takes everything. They take only what is legally to take, even if it is a bit much. All that corruption talk about romania (I am sure you read about it) is not for nothing...there is no smoke without fire....
Well, if you are not disturbed by this kind of conversation, let's go in PM, in our beutiful language, my english is a little bit rusty..

I must agree with pisoiu. The main thing lacking is the experience (not only practical experience, nore the theoretical one but also in mentality).

I am sure you could find a couple of great "enthusiastic" engineers, and you can do some minor things (like tech support for a tool), but how about system architects, senior designers, with complete IC experience (from spec to gdsII).

And I must disagree with Andreis opininon regarding the "experienced abroad engineers". I also work abroad within a great group; there is a lot of know how and years experience (decades!). That's wishfull thinking the story with the Ro engineer who stands out. Sad but true, let's face the reality; I also used to work in Ro and now I can draw these conclusions.

Anyway, dont wanna bring you down, but that's just one (my) point of view.

Good luck,

Re: start up company

Is there any way to know the financial situation of a start-up company?

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