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i wanna learn dsp from basics

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Apr 12, 2013
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plz help me. i wanna learn dsp from very basics. i am very much worried

You could use "Digital signal processing" by Ramesh Babu text

no, i dont have soft copy. but its readily available in market

i have many books but i need the guidance

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this book is not available in pakistan :(

find attached

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find attached


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You could find in online sites

I actually just answered this question for another person a few hours ago, so I've re-posted my reply in the hope that you will also find it useful:

Here's my original post:

I've found the MicroModeler introductory tutorials and videos on DSP and Filter Design to be very digestible with no math and lots of diagrams. I think it's good for developing an initial understanding of the concepts before digging into some of the heavier articles and books.

The MicroModeler web-based Digital Filter IDE is also graphical, pretty easy to use and lets you interact with and visualize things like filters, poles and zeros, z-planes, transfer functions, filter structures etc and make it a much easier to understand the concepts you are studying. You can use it to try out some of the ideas from the other resources you are reading.

I own a handful of books and have considered buying many more. Ones that I think would be helpful for new students are:

Digital Signal Processing 101 by Michael Parker. It's relatively thin (295 pages), well explained and you can read it quickly.

I also found "Understanding Digital Signal Processing" by Richard Llyons to be extremely good at explaining many of the more difficult concepts in very clear terms.

I don't personally own "Digital Filters for Everyone" by Rusty Allred, but I'm thinking about it. From the amazon preview, it seems pretty well explained, so it might also be worth a look.

Hope some of this helps (and it's Ok to post the same answer twice).


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i recommend you these four courses
--MIT DSP Course

--NPTEL COurse

--good course by unsw

-- also there is a course finished on Coursera website it's material still can be accessed online for free
you can join their community and join this course

--for books i recommend to check MIT references used for their course
i think Alan V. Oppenheim have a good book in DSP and also Signals and systems



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I think that one of the best books for DSP beginners is "The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing" by Steven W. Smith, Ph.D. as mentioned Mohammed_Verification.
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