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I need information about how to make a 8051 programmeur

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Feb 7, 2002
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I whant to make a programmeur for 8051 , dalas, atmel but I dont find any document about how to program the flash, can you help me please.



try this for AT89C1051-4051 and
for At89C51-52 and At89S8252

**broken link removed**

they also have sourcecode in C

Why not Philips

Why not to try Philips?
Also a major maker in 8051

With PonyProg you can program the Atmel 89S8252 and 89S53 (and a lot of other chips, AVR/PIC/EEPROM).

Quite nice.


If you want to program 89Cxxxx series try to search about PROFLASH programmer (use Elektroda or Google)


ProFlash programmer is really great, but there's currently no software for Linux and WinXP (DOS..Win98 only).

I want information about programming flash not a programmer

What I need is only the information about the memories programming spécification. I need it for 8051 from Atmel , Dalas, phillips . I have found the datasheet for microchip very esaly but I have some dificulties to find the information for the 8051.

On, you can find simple rs232 loader for 89c420. There software and schematic.

I want to make a stan alone programmer not in circuit

What I need is the specification, not a build programmer. I want to buil a multi prosessor programmer for sell it. Thanks you help.

Hi al_extreme

On this forum are many nice guys able to help you, no doubt about that.
But you must ask properly.

Hi guys ! I need information about programming specification of XXXXX from Atmel (i.e.) and I'm unable to find it on manufacturer site, even under NDA.
Or: I found the specification, but something it's not working as stated in reference.

You won't get any help as long as you pointing to general 8051 and not specific one.
Otherwise, I think you're too lazy to search on manufacturers web sites.
Are plenty of information out there.

i.e. for 89C420 from Dallas referenced above by Zenner, you can find parallel programming specification on data sheet on pages 18-19 if you don't like IAP programming and want to stick the micro in your programmer.

1) The DS89C420 is powered up and running at a clock speed between 4MHz and 6MHz.
2) Set RST = EA = 1 and PSEN = 0.
3) Apply the appropriate logic combination to pins P2.6, P2.7, P3.6, and P3.7 to select one of the flash
instructions shown in Table 8.
- For program operation, apply the desired address to pins P1.7:0 and P2.5:0. Data is written to
port 0.
- For verify operation, apply the desired address to pins P1.7:0 and P2.5:0. Data is read at port 0.
4) Pulse ALE/ PROG once to perform an erase/program operation.
5) Repeat steps 3 and 4 as necessary.

Here is the link for data sheet found on manufacturer web site. It's so simple to search.

**broken link removed**

Happy searching.

Thanks for your reply

That what I want, I have pass some hours on the net for searching application note for the programmation spécification, like Microchip. I have not made a research inside the Databook of the micro.I was thinking that the information is in another specsheet. Thanks for all of you.


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