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I have a question about ethernet in development board

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Sep 8, 2015
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I get one development board is of one interface for ethernet, but here i need two. Do you know how to get the other one inland the development board?

What kind of board do you have? Is it FPGA, microcontroller?

Someone told me, there is one kind of adapter with two interfaces of ethernet. And it will be workable. Thank you. Pls reference for others here.

All my computers came with only one ethernet jack. I don't know the reason. Perhaps two interfaces would hamper speed and performance. Sometimes I think it would be convenient to have two jacks, because then I could access both the internet and my network hard drive, simultaneously.

At present if I want multiple connections, I have to use a switch/ hub/ router. However it is inconvenient to unplug stuff and plug it in elsewhere, and my computers do not always recognize the new setup. It seems like it often requires a restart to see the right ethernet connections.

My internet gateway has 4 jacks. It acts like a hub when I plug in two computers, because then they can see each other.

Someone told me, there is one kind of adapter with two interfaces of ethernet.
Would be really helpful if you answer simple questions. Because the thread has been posted in the wrong section, we still don't know if you are asking about a µC or FPGA development board.

Presumed your network device uses an external PHY, it could be replaced by a type with built-in switch and two ethernet interfaces. But it's hardly possible on a ready-made development board.

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