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I am really confused about choosing a prog language help pls

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Aug 11, 2007
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I am really confused about choosing a programming language to learn these days. I am stdying on electronics engineering and I should improve myself in programming. I know the basics of C programming and I did some work by using it before. But I think I should now learn a new Object oriented and visual programming language. Am I right? I think it should be possible communicating with electronic devices via rs232 or usb etc. Which language would you offer me? Please help me I need it very much thanks

Re: I am really confused about choosing a prog language help

start with visual basic.
there is a book "Visual Basic for Electronics Engineering Application" download this book(can b found in ebooks section) and start your work
best of luck:D

Re: I am really confused about choosing a prog language help

thank you very much deperim geri kaç :D

I was thinking about c# or c++ or java.. Visual basic sounds really basic to me :D I want to learn a stronger language I dont know am I right..

Re: I am really confused about choosing a prog language help

As an electronics student your knowledge of C will be very valuable so don't let anyone, including yourself, try to make you feel inferior just because C is the only language you know. I don't think there is any programming language that spans the range of programming tasks that an electronics engineer might encounter better than C, whether those tasks involve PCs, DSPs or microcontrollers. Of course, C is not sexy, C has no real support for the object oriented paradigm or any of the other less noteworthy "it will change how you think about programming" sensations and it is definitely not the new kid on the block. Don't get the idea though that C is restricted to a text only interface; you can build GUIs in C on many platforms and some C development environments come with GUI builders. I would say that if your knowledge of C is shaky you should improve it before even thinking about moving on.

Even if you decide, for whatever reason, that you need a new programming language you'll find that your knowledge of C is still useful; the foundations of C++, Java and C# are firmly based on C or a C-like syntax. These languages are all wonderful in their own way and come with a huge body of reusable code that can make your life much easier (or, more complicated depending on your viewpoint). Fundamentally though, these languages are just better, more sexy, versions of C. Their broad application area is much the same as C.

If you want to learn a new language which doesn't necessarily compete directly with C, can I steer you towards some of the established or new interactive scripting languages. I am thinking of things like Python and Ruby. I find that for simple throwaway code Python is great. I haven't used it for anything other than programs of a few hundred lines or so, but those few hundred lines came to me much more quickly than they would have done had I decided to use Java, say, instead. The interactive nature of the Python environment helps you throughout the program development stages and also makes it very easy to learn the language in the first place. Python also comes with perfectly acceptable GUI building support which will work across multiple platforms. Don't be fooled into thinking "interactive" means BASIC! You can try it out for yourself within a few minutes of reading this message by visiting; it's free.


I would second David (taitsoft) on all his conclusions. But please not that "improve myself in programming" should not translate into just learning additional language. Learn some techniques and design methodologies: object oriented if one of them (note I didn't mention any particular languages for that - you could write OO software in pure C) , design patterns, UML, real-time and etc. I see in the field so many guys who know several programming languages but very bad software designers. It is quite obvious just by looking on the code they wrote.
And limits in learning C language is soooo deep (try different ways implementing state machines in C).


Re: I am really confused about choosing a prog language help

thanks alot firends. I decided to learn python and will use c and phyton in an efficient way. I think they will be a powerful pair. Your help saved me

C for micros. C++ cause so much code is written in it. Then Java or C#. And a Hardware definition language. What you actually use will depend on the company you are working for. C, C++, Java or C# are all close and anything else you need to learn should come easily. That is, they form a good grounding for anything else that will come along.

C is very important . I would say go for Python programming language.Python is powerful and very high level programming langauge.

Re: I am really confused about choosing a prog language help

Yes hbaocr I used C for programming microcontrollers before..

I'm an electrical engineer and for me the best program for electrical engineers is MATLAB

Re: I am really confused about choosing a prog language help

[red]well jus try is really basic and if u hv leared C..other languages are really easy to pick...

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