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How to write USB device driver

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Jun 1, 2006
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write usb drivers

I want to make a device which will communicate to PC via USB. I dont want to use usb to serial convertion. Is there any way to write a driver?
which software I want to use.
Any helpful site
Thanks in advance

how to write a driver usb

Why don't you use ready USB to Serial converter chips like FT232 ?
They also supply driver with it. No need to write your own !

If you still want to write your own use toolkits like Jungo WinDriver !

BTW: What is your USB slave device that you are trying to communicate to?

how to use windriver for ft232

You have two options.
1) Use FT232 as I mentioned earlier
2) Use PIC microcontroller like PIC18F4550 with Microchip's ready to use USB stack and drivers. You can customize the driver for your own product.

how to write a driver?

The book Advanced PIC micrcontroller projects in C:from USB to RTOS with the PIC18F by Dogan Ibrahim
It has good example projects for you to get started in a device that communicates with PC with USB bus. It's a perfect start.It also tells you about the driver stuff.

howto write a usb driver

Atmel provides a FW solution and drivers.

usb to serial ft232 windriver

preferable not to get involved in the "writing a driver" for computer physical ports specially USB and complex interfaces like that, however you use a ready made class drivers and firmwares and use libraries and DLL's to communicate with USB like Jungo, LibUSB or HIDMaker, also you can use microcontroller as your USB device and I recommend PIC18F4550 cause you will find on microchip website a ready made firmware customized for it under the name "Microchip USB framework", also you will find DLL and library for how to communicate with your PIC18F4550 using "Custom Class".

Most 3rd party driver providers give you example codes. Check them out.
Like for FT232 or other FTDI devices, there are tons of examples available.

in C++ you use function loadlibrary()
you just copy your DLL file in the same place of the .exe and include the header and .lib files in your project then use functions and API's of this DLL

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