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How to use Vector VN1630 CAN/LIN Interface for CAN Channel Assignment ?

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Oct 30, 2014
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I have Vector VN1630 box. On one side it has Two serial 9-pin male connectors. One 9-pin male connector is labeled CH 1/3. The other 9-pin male connector is labeled CH 2/4. I connect my target Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to CH 2/4 connector.

From Control Panel - I open Vector Hardware Config. I expand on VN1630 tab. Then, I click on On board CAN. It shows Two assigned applications, CANoe and CANFlash, both on CAN 1. Under D-SUB9 Pin Assignment, it says Connector CH 2/4. What does this mean that CAN applications are on CAN 1 but CAN bus is connected to CH 2/4 ? Some of my CAN applications don't appear under VN1630 but they work with VN1630 ?

I have several CAN based applications installed in my computer as follows:

1. In-house CAN based software tool for monitoring DC motor speed and positions. This tool doesn't go through Vector VN1630 Box. It has it's own CAN Hardware, PCAN-USB. Maybe that's why I don't see any CAN channel assignment in this software tool ?

2. Vector CANoe - I invoke vector CANoe. From main menu, I go to Configuration - Network Hardware. Some of the things I see is CAN Channel 1, CAN 1. I click on Options - Activate CAN 2 with same baud rate is selected.
CANoe main menu, I go to Configuration - I/O Hardware - Vector I/O - it says I/O Piggy (1) is disabled. What is I/O Piggy? Why might it be disabled? When should it be enabled?
From CANoe main menu, I go to Configuration - Options - Under Channel Usage, it says CAN 1.

3. Few other in-house CAN based software tools - On one of these CAN Applications, when I select CH2, it says VN1630 Channel 2 in Green Color. This application operates through VN1630 D-SUB9 CH 2/4. What is CH 2/4 ? CH 2 or CH 4? Why doesn't this application need to be listed in Vector Hardware VN1630 under Control Panel like CANoe and CANFlash are listed ?

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