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How to use parrel flash ( EEPROM) memory in XILINX FPGA

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Dec 8, 2001
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xilinx cpld 9536 configure xl

Hi, every body:

I have a problem in XININX virtex E FPGA. I hope some one can
do me a favor to solved this problem.

The problem is descibed as following:

I use virtex FPGA, so I need serial flash. I want to use parrel flash (EEPROM) to substitute expensive serial flash. I hear from my friend ,
use xilinx cpld(XC 9536 XL) to do serial to parrel converted function, so can discard serial flash.

I hope some one can support cpld source code to program XC9536XL and connect circuit

eeprom fpga xilinx

Hi ccljpeg,
It is one easy job. You can use one small CPLD(no only the Xilinx but aslot other company's CPLD) to do that. The attach file is one source for it. I tried it by one Lattice's small cpld LC4032V-75T48C.
It can work well.

fpga substitute for flash memory

in xilinx site is published a fully application notes about how to use a parallel download whit xilinx FPGA.
whi you don't use a non xilinx serial device as Atmel AT17xxxx whic is also reprogrammable?

flash eprom an fpga

Check the following application note : **broken link removed**

eeprom for xilinx

Check Xilinx site for the ACE series of configuration devices. I'm currently using the ACE MPM which has a parallel interface with success (it's fast too).

The ACE MPM contains a small CPLD, a standard FLASH memory, and a small configuration FPGA all in one package. It provides several independant configuration sub-sections which can be choosen upon power-up or run-time (e.g. reconfigurable logic)! The FLASH is accessable from a seperate uP port or via JTAG.

The ACE SC is meant for those who want a parallel configuration system but would rather pick the sub-components themselves.

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