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How to use ModelSim under Linux ?

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DongSun Park

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Dec 31, 1999
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I tried to use modelsim under Linux.

Compile works well.

But when I tried to add signal to wavewindow, exit from modelsim.

Following message printed.

**Fatal: (SIGSEGV) Bad pointer access. Closing vsim.
**Fatal: vsim is exiting with code 211.

What's wrong ?

How can I use modelsim under Linux ?


modelsim linux license

Did you elobrate it with vsim?

modelsim for linux

Compilation is always OK.

But adding signal to Wave window is crashed.

linux modelsim license

what's the version of your modelsim

modelsim license linux

My modelSim is 5.7c.

I tried 5.6e but faild also.

Linux version is Redhat 7.3 and 8.0.

How can I use modelsim under LINUX ?

modelsim versions

Everything runs well on my computer . I used the Modelsim5.6B

modelsim se linux license

Hi DongSun,

the problem is in your license. :?

At first try to use older Modelsim versions,such as the 5.5f.

Newer versions need a bit different license.


modelsim 6.5 license linux


thanks, I met the same problem.
Did you have any solution ? :)


modelsim on linux

first , Make sure about your license is right !

modelsim in linux

DongSun Park:
where can I find Model@sim under linux?

modelsim se linux

Just search the Mentor's website

modelsim 5.7 lmgrd requirements

Is this different between windows license and linux license ?

Windows version is always OK.

how to use model sim in linux

On the Linux , You can use the "mgcld" or "modeltech" license server but i will recommend you to use the mgcld server on the Linux

linux modelsim_ae license

Hi, Ansunamu, I have generated the license file for modelsim using in linux. But when I use mgcld as the deamon and using this license file, the lmgrd always said that there are no features in the license file, but this license file worked when using modeltech as the deamon. What wrong is it ? Can you help me ? Thanks a lot....

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