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[SOLVED] How to use conditional statement with ipcore?

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Indrajit Ghosh

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Feb 17, 2015
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I have 4 modules A>B>C>D,now each module get activated from the signals received from the preceding modules, now what i want to do is that i want to execute the modules A,B,C,D in the same order for a particular no. of times until a certain condition is satisfied.Now i have instantiated the modules A,B,C,D in a "TOP module"....can you tell me how to go about this conditional problem?

Hardware logic is not "executed". Modules are wired like logic ICs. To make the operation of a module depend on a condition, the module itself must provide a respective activation input, usually acting as a clock enable.

We use Enable logic to activate a specific part of hardware. Think of it as a hardware logic not like a C code. u use Chip Enable to activate an IC, thats how u have to use your modules to get the required output.

what i want to say is that,i am trying to develop a system where it will take some signals from the environment and do some computations on those signals ,then it will check some conditions to seeewhether the required condition has satisfied it or not,if not satisfied it will again do the same each block A to D is a part of the whole computation now i want to re use those modules in the same sequence till my required condition is satisfied ,so how will this repeat action will take place, i have made the modules A,B,C,D separately?

You put data in the front, you get data out. If the output meets that condition, tell some other controller module you're done. Otherwise tell it to send some more data.

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