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How to start up the XUP Virtex-II PRO board?

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Jun 28, 2007
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Hi people ,

I am new to FPGA work,I have been given a XUP Virtex-II PRO development board. **broken link removed** - this site shows it. I am trying just to get it up and running and do something simple. I have noticed there is a quickstart option , BSB i think its called. I really dont know how to get the board going though. I think i may require getting software called Platform Studio but i cant be sure, a disc came with the board , but no major software to run it seems to be on this.

Any help in getting this board up and running in simple steps would be very much appreciated.

Thanks ,

xup virtex-ii pro development system

I dont think they give platform studio with this board. this is something clearly mentioned on the site. Its because of this confusion i am avoiding a purchase from them ! You should direct email them!

virtex 2 pro tutorial

you get the platform studio. And create a system for custom board. The process is pretty much straight forward, you add the FPGA, GPIOs, DDR, ethernet, SDRAM, UART ...

just follow the instructions and add the components on ur XUP board...

da..da...da...da..... that is .......

virtex ii pro tutorial

You copy the pack (found in the site) in $$_EDK\board\Xilinx\boards. So you can easily find the board in the list.


I have also purchased the XUPV2P board and NO they don't supply the Xilinx Platform Studio software with it. You must purchase this separately.

Also, when using the Xilinx Platform Studio with your board, you will need to make sure you supply the correct settings. These settings can be found on the Quick Start guide on the CD supplied with the XUPV2P board. They can also be found online in the first tutorial on the FPGA Developer website:

I suggest you follow through the quick start guide and tutorials online.


Has anyone try using Platform Studio 9.1 with the XUPV2P?

I try to build a project from scratch but unable to print anything in Hyperterminal? If someone has a bsb file for 9.1, could you please send me it.

xbd xupv2p

I had also a problem when I tried to communicate with hyperterminal an my SPARTAN3E board. The problem I had was that I used the wrong cable I don't know whichone was the properversion null modem or normal RS232.
Maybe this helps for you too.

virtex 2 pro pack

I have got a simple RS232 design working using Platform Studio 7.1 but not 9.1.

xup edk 10.1

I also bought a V2PXUP board
i want to know is it only compatible with :
EDK 7.1 sp2, ISE7.1 sp3 as mentioned on digilentinc site?? and which chipscope ? 7.1 or what?
also Which Modelsim, 6.0 or 6.3 ??

how can i get any of them??

Thanks in advance

xilinx xup tutorials

I think I recall it is compatible with 7.1 and 8.1 but not 9.1. You would have to buy the software from Xilinx.

xilinx edk 7.1 sp2

Thanks a lot for reply.

i want also to know if will it be compatible with 10.1??

i have files for BSB on the CD but it is for 7.1 !!!
will it work fine?


v2p xbd

i downloaded a last version of .xbd from xilinx website for EDK 10.1 but i have problem with "C_MEM_PARTNO=KVR266X64C25/256 is not found in the memory"

anyone know this problem ?

Thank you

expansion connectors for virtex ii

The XUP V2P boards are compatible till the 10.1 versions of the Xilinx Software! And that's the last version that'll support this board...

virtex2 user tutorial

It seems good to ask now about the expansion headers.
in the reference manual:
...."Various power supply voltages are available on the expansion connectors, 2.5V, 3.3V, and 5.0V, depending on the connector type.The expansion headers are positioned to prevent the installation of a ribbon cable connector across two of the expansion headers. Every second signal in the ribbon cable is a ground signal to provide the best signal integrity at the user’s target. The output of the over-voltage protection device follows the input voltage up to a diode drop below the VCC rail; at which time, the voltage is clamped. So with a VCC of 3.3V, the output clamps at -2.5V. This gives 500 mV of input switching margin for both LVTTL and LVCMOS3.3, which have a VIH of 2.0V minimum."

I am afraid of the red lines,
should i buy different types of ribbon cables for each voltage?
can i use ribbon cables used in our PCs? and the dual line male header?
the one mentioned in the ref. manual is from digikey and i don't have
a distributor in my region it is "S2012-30-ND".

sorry for long post,
thanks in advance.

edk tutorial rs232 virtex 2 pro

i am using XUPV2P board and XPS 9.1 and ISE 9.1 everything works very fine. I also use a chipscope with it, everything works.

virtex-ii pro 10.1 xbd

Thanks a lot for ur reply
I am asking about the hardware expansion cables used with I/O.
the attached photo shows the place of expansion headers.
I want to make sure of the highlighted lines above, which describes this photo

So plz tell me what u used in this place.
i am just newbie.

thanks in advance

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