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How to start this LCD?

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Jan 22, 2015
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I have LCD in below but i don't know what's that model and know i want to start it but i don't see conductor to connect that.please give me your information about that.

It looks like LCD glass from a clock or calculator. They are often custom made to specific requirements so you may not find a generic data sheet or part number for it. You have to generate your own backplane and phase signals, it doesn't work like a logic level LCD module.

Try holding it at an angle so the light glances off it and you might be able to see the segment structure, that will give some idea of what it is capable of displaying. To work out which pins do what is quite complicated, you need an AC square wave generator giving ~3V at around 500Hz. You then have to connect the signal to the black strips, trying all combinations. Some strips will be common to several characters (backplanes) and some to several segments. You have to work out the connection map then provide the correct combination of in and out of phase signals between the backplane and segments to drive it.


where is conductor of wires?the black wire don't have conductor.

??? the black strips ARE the conductors. You need either an in-line socket to plug the strip in to or, a 'zebra strip' elastomer joiner to connect it directly to a circuit board.

It's a form of a Flexible Flat Cable (FFC), aka Flex Cable, you'll need a ZIF or LIF connector:

Flexible Flat Cable

It's essential a very flat low profile flexible ribbon cable.

However, as Brian pointed out, connecting it is the least of your problems.

It's most likely a monochrome custom segment LCD and driving such a device is considerably more complex than driving a HD44780 compatible LCD.

There are microcontrollers designed for which their one of their primary purposes is to drive such a device, requiring specialized drive circuitry and logic embedded into an onboard controller module. The proper drive circuitry depends largely on the specific device and their specifications, many are not cross compatible. And I might add, without a proper datasheet for the specific device, designing and implementing a functional controller would be an arduous task.

As an example, the Microchip PIC24FJ128GC010 has an embedded segment LCD controller which can drive some custom segment displays with up to 59 segments and 8 commons:

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PIC24F "GC" Starter Kit for Intelligent Analog

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