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How to start ARM microcontrollers ?

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Sep 16, 2003
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arm microcontroller tutorial

hi all ,

i have worked on 8051 and AVR series both on assembly language , now i like to start learning ARM architecture Microcontrollers series ,
i used AVR studio 4 for making my projects , is there a software like this for ARM microcontrollers ?
which ARM microcontroller is good to start ?( Atmel products )
and how to make it's programmer ?

Thanks lot ,
Best regards.

keil arm tutorial

I am in a similar situation, and have been looking into same issues.

I decided to go with the Philips LPC 21XX series. They are cheap and there is a community of developers sharing experiences.

LPC 21XX chips have built-in bootloaders and software can be loaded from the serial port. You can also use jtag both for programming and debugging.

As for the compiler; I have not yet decided.
This free book claims Keil to be the best, but I have heard developers saying it's not really good.
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See these links:
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I hope this helps.
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best arm microcontroller

For compilers, Keil has been mentioned and I would expect it to become very good because Keil has been bought by ARM. There is a 16k free version available.
Today there are boards for low cost supporting the LPC2000 Series from Philips. The best deal that I see is from Embedded Artists.
A nice little Quick Start Board for 29 Euros
**broken link removed**
If you want a better device the LPC2148 is great and the board for it can also be purchased there
All these boards come with nice software and a free IAR compiler that can compile up to 32k programs. For evaluation or to get started, this is great stuff.

GCC of course is another option
This link can get you started:


arm microcontroller tutorials

Thanks for your helps ,

how is crossworks ?( C compiler and assembler )
Atmel chips finding in our market is easier than Philips , which ARM MCU of atmel do you recommand to start with ?
didn't Atmel made it's own PC software for ARM MCUs like AVR ?

Thanks & best regards.
how to start arm

I am a student in the same situation. I would also like to hear more about people's experiences with arm processors.

What do you use to code?
What do you use to program?

In the January 06 edition of "Circuit Cellar" on page 80 there is a good article about getting started with arms.

I have been so satisfied with the atmel AVRs that I am also reluctant to switch to Philips. But after reading all over and trying to figure out what will program flash and what will only program ram, this sounds like an easy and cheap solution.
best 32 bit microcontroller

the AVRs are great 8-bit microcontrollers, the ARM7 from Philips are great microcontrollers too. If you need many analog features and a very small chip, e.g. 20-pins or less, the AVRs are still highly recommended (although I really like the LPC900 from Philips for their better ADC and internal oscillator).
If you go the next step, a factor of let's say 5 up for the same price as a MEGA, why would you not want to do it?

arm how to start

I am an undergraduate student. I have Phycore- LPC2294 from phytec. I also have LPC2148 development board with JLink debugger from IAR. Phycore-LPC2294 board is a bit costly (but cheap comparing to its features) but have great performance (2MB flash memory, Ethernet, CAN etc). IAR LPC2148 is also great with its 512 KB internal memory, USB, SD memory slot etc. I use JLink debugger with both boards.

I think it depends upon you to choose the right ARM development system for you. If you are aware about your needs, then it would be easier to find out right microcontroller. And if you are not then mostly you should try looking at your pocket. Cheap LPC2148 systems are great.

I prefer Philips for the lpc2000 group support, because people share their experiences frequently there. I have no experience with other ARM microcontrollers.

Best regards.

arm7 microcontroller tutorial

Thanks for the info fireball003.

Do you also have the IAR compiler?
If yes how do you like it / what do you like about it?

How much did it cost?

you can send me a personal message to respond to this one if you need to.

Also, where is the best place to talk to other phillips users?
how to start with arm

Still I am using IAR compiler free version (32K limit). In fact personally I think it is not made for beginners like me. But as I have to use JLink debugger and I don't have RDI (costs more than 250$), so I was bound to use it. Also it took lot of my time and effort to learn.

I am thinking to migrate to GNU tool chain as I got JLink supported software recently (haven't used yet) at . I don't know how it would be.

I think best support for Philips is . Those people are really friendly.

Best regards

keil tutorial for arm

I also would like to go with the gnu tool chain, because of price, and am interested ing getting the jlink.

I have been researching the subject of switching from 8 bit avr to arm for a few weeks now. There is so much to learn before you can just pick something, and alot of the stuff can cost quite a bit.

arm microcontroller tutorial

Have a look at Jim Lynch's tutorial "ARM Cross Development with Eclipse", available from the olimex site ( on the ARM-JTAG page. He explains in great detail how to get started with the GNU toolchain and Eclipse.
Olimex also offers cheap development boards, and a Wiggler clone that works with both the Macraigor software and my open-source OpenOCD (

arm start

in my previous post I forgot to mention a special offering from the guys in Sweden (by the way I do not work for them nor am I related ;-), they just have great deals).
**broken link removed**
This boards comes with lots of pretested software. Even an RTOS in binary is part of the package.
For 89 Euro it is yours

In response to vmaster, I heard lots of good things about the Eclipse guide. It can also be downloaded together with other useful stuff from here:
**broken link removed**

The switch von 8-bit to 32-bit is not without some pain but once you did it, I doubt there is a way back unless you are very much into bit manipulation which is a lot simpler on an 8-bit.



start arm


do you have any links to the arm uc tutorials and software+programmers used???? some links plz

Hi all,
I am just another newbee in ARM.
I have STM32 uC...
i havent purchased any development board..
i don know how to start using uC...
Can anyone please provide me some hardware consideration for just starting controller ?
Is it tough to make our own PCB with some required pheriperals.?

Thank you

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