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How To share .h and .cpp files?

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Dec 6, 2013
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I had started a thread asking help regarding a C/C++(okey arduino) problem, but I ended up solving it by writing a library for arduino. Its just a class built with a header file and a C++ file but when I had solved the problem I'd like to share the solution in the thread but the "manage attachments" does not allow you to upload .cpp file, not .h ether I would guess.

How can I go about enabling people reading my thread to download or take part of my library?
If it was to be shared complete it would be a map containing a .h file, a .cpp file, a txt file and a map named example within which there are a .ino file that demonstrates how to use the library.

Sharing the .h and .cpp would be enough but I don't know how to go about ether cases.

I guess I could post the codes manually within
 statements but that is not ideal, I've come across this before while wanting to share a windows .exe file which I had made my self.

Please advice.


You can zip and post the files here. Also if there is an example of using the library function then provide it.

Posting a blog entry is the preferred method of posting tutorials, sharing libraries, etc.

The forum sections/categories are reserved for questions, queries, seeking advice, etc.

You can begin a blog post by clicking the Blogs tab at the top of the forum home page, between the Albums and What's New tabs.

Once on the Blogs page, click the Create New Post found on the far right upper corner.

You can then create a Blog entry much like a new thread, with Title, Content and Search Tags fields. You can also upload ZIP files of your source library code, etc using the Manage Attachments found towards the bottom of the page.

Let us know if you have any difficulties posting your Blog entry.


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You can zip and post the files here. Also if there is an example of using the library function then provide it.

No, the forum sections and categories are reserved for questions, queries or seeking advice for a specific issue.

All other posted content sharing your work must be posted in the DIY section or a Blog entry.

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