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How to send Data with GPRS - information, schematic

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Is this a question?
If it is, you should specify which GPRS you use (maker), give a pointer to its
datasheet, etc...
But it might be faster to read the datasheet yourself.


mpch_elec said:
How to send Data with GPRS...


The following shows how to make a GPRS connection - in the example below '>>' indicates data you send to the module, while'<<' indicates data returned from the module. First you need to open a PDP context.
>> AT+CGATT=1   - Attach to GPRS Service 
<< OK 

>> AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","wap.cingular"   - Define PDP Context (cid, PDP type, APN) 
<< OK 

>> AT+CDNSCFG="","" - Configure Domain Name Server (primary DNS, secondary DNS) 
<< OK 

>> AT+CSTT="wap.cingular","wap(at)","cingular1" - Start Task & set APN, User ID, and password 
<< OK 

>> AT+CIICR     - Bring up wireless connection with GPRS - THIS MAY TAKE A WHILE 
<< OK 

>> AT+CIFSR      - Get Local IP address 
<<   - returns IP address assigned to your module 
<< OK 

>> AT+CIPSTATUS      - Get Connection Status 
<< OK 
<< STATE: IP STATUS   - returns status of connection, needs to be 'IP STATUS' before you can connect to a server

After you have a context, you need to make a connection to the server and then send your data.
>> AT+CIPHEAD=1      - Tells module to add an 'IP Header' to receive data 
<< OK 

>> AT+CDNSORIP=1   - Indicates whether connection request will be IP address (0), or domain name (1) 
<< OK 

>> AT+CIPSTART="TCP","","80" - Start up TCP connection (mode, IP address/name, port) 
<< OK 
<< CONNECT OK      - Indicates you've connected to the server - IT MAKE TAKE A WHILE FOR THIS TO BE RETURNED 

>> AT+CIPSEND      - Issue Send Command 
<< >                   - wait for module to return'>' to indicate it's ready to receive data 
>> GET / HTTP/1.1   - Send data - this example is an HTTP request for the default page 
>> Host: [url][/url] 
>> Connection: Keep-Alive 
>> Accept: */* 
>> Accept-Language: en-us 
<< data from server returned - Server will return data here


I'm using Mc39i SIEMENS GSM module.
I read the datasheet of mc39i.The Datasheet don't have any Example for Sendig data with GPRS.
I use ATD*99# and similar Command for connecting to gprs,
This is my AT command and mc39i response:


~ }#A!}!}#} }9}"}&} }*} } }'}"}(}"}%}&?$??}#}%A#}%EO~~ }#A!}!}#} }9}"}&} }*} } }
'}"}(}"}%}&?$??}#}%A#}%EO~~ }#A!}!}#} }9}"}&} }*} } }'}"}(}"}%}&?$??}#}%A#}%EO~~
}#A!}!}#} }9}"}&} }*} } }'}"}(}"}%}&?$??}#}%A#}%EO~~ }#A!}!}#} }9}"}&} }*} } }'
}"}(}"}%}&?$??}#}%A#}%EO~~ }#A!}!}#} }9}"}&} }*} } }'}"}(}"}%}&?$??}#}%A#}%EO~~
}#A!}!}#} }9}"}&} }*} } }'}"}(}"}%}&?$??}#}%A#}%EO~~ }#A!}!}#} }9}"}&} }*} } }'}
"}(}"}%}&?$??}#}%A#}%EO~~ }#A!}!}#} }9}"}&} }*} } }'}"}(}"}%}&?$??}#}%A#}%EO~~ }
#A!}!}#} }9}"}&} }*} } }'}"}(}"}%}&?$??}#}%A#}%EO~

I don't know when i shoud send my data...

please help me thanks.

Added after 6 minutes:

Please read last reply of topic then download the mc39i datasheet


Dear Gsm Man;
Thanks for document that send for me,
but i want to test sending data with GPRS by PC then Implemention it on the 8051 micro proccessor.
so your document can't help me in this session.
Thanks again for your document because It increase My public information about GPRS system.


hi friends,
who send data via gprs befor this????
i'm completely mixed up...
Please help me...

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