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How to see current distribution in HFSS?

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Oct 18, 2005
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hfss current distribution

I tried to build a wide band BALUN using HFSS and wish to see the current distribution.

I used lumped port for both sides of the BALUN.

No error in geometry and simulation.

However, when I used the the Field plotting function to plot Jvol or Jsuf, I see negligible value at all points of my structure.

I viewed the E Mag plot and the field is not understandable.

Please help. Attached is my HFSS file.

Thanks in advance!

current distribution in hfss

I need a balun design toooo

to plot current distributions in hfss

please any one can help on how to get the current distribution in HFSS software??

Thank you all in advance
current distribution hfss

Why do you have 2 ports? Should they really be active simultaneously?

plot filed hfss current distribution

Why did you using so many pml surroundings? Why not just an air/vacuum box? i also agree with e_m_c...why two lump ports?

Since you are talking for a balun,can someone explain what are the basic principles to design a balun for a dipole antenna. What each part of the balun should do and how we can decide about the type,shape and dimensions? as for the currents have you tried to change the scaling? maybe for this reason you can view them
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