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How to rotate c++ fast

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Jun 27, 2015
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I do work on some software in c++ in MSVS express 2013 where I need to rotate a lot and as fast as possible.

so in C, C++ and probably many other langue you can write

A=B >> 5 ... and then B will rotate 5 times right and store it in A.

But what does actually happens under the hood?

The c code will be compiled to asm and probably use a SHR which only rotate reg 1 bit at a time so now you will have some loop counting from 5 to 0 .... not so quick.

if you are on a intel x64 PC and you could end up with SHDL which can accept the rotate value... so my question are will it tale the same time to rotate different values ?like
A=B >> 5
A=B >> 27
A=B >> 8

Any good suggestions for fast rotaing?

A=B >> 5 is shift rather than rotate. There's no C or C++ operator for rotation. Some compilers have custom functions for it.

Implementation is a matter of CPU capabilities. MSVC will surely use multi-rotate instructions on X86 platform. Review assembly listings in case of doubt.

Depending on the context, shifts by a multiple of eight might be implemented as byte or word swaps.

Sorry for the rotate it's for sure shifting I wanted to do.

Typical to pick just 1 bit out of 32 of 64 bit

So what you say are if I use inline asm for the shifting intel x64 it will take the same amount of clock cycles to shift as long the shift are with in the register width?

A=B >> 5
A=B >> 27
A=B >> 8

The 3 examples will take same time?
Thank you

it all depends on the processor lying behind.

if the CPU has shifter(barrel type) , then all shift in same time.

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