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How to recover a damaged 5 1/4" disk?

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Mar 27, 2002
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how to connect ax6811

Hi guys!
I unpacked an old 68HC11 eval board and was trying to setup the environment with teletest!
:x first I found the SW on an 5 1/4" Disk (ok! this could be done with one of the old PCs) but unfotunately the Disk was unreadable now!
No wonder it was datet 1991!

Can please someon help me with that piece of SW?

It is "teletest 8 Bediensoftware V1.51"



Sorry Red Arrow!

:?: :?: But there is no download!!! :?: :?:

I think the "Bediensoftware" is what is called HITOP and there is no way to find any downloadable file!!


you have tomatoes on your eyes....

Maybe tomatos, maybe something else

BUT: I followed any link I could find on this page, even the big DOWNLOAD sign on the top of this page. It is not what I`m looking for!

I need Hitop-Software to be able to communicate with the MON68HC11 SW on the eval board EPROM.

If you really found this Software on that page pls send it to me!
Help a blind man to get his system running :oops:

with really blind greetings


Try using BadCopy 3.60, It's very useful floppy and CD-ROM recovery software.


Hi Red Arrow

Thanks for the hint :lol:
This download was so big that even i was not able to miss it :D :D

BUT! This is not what I am looking for!
I need the Hitop Software with which i am able to connect to the monitor in
the EPROM AND debug with the HITOP Software

So i wasn't that blind i guess! :roll:

Anyhow, thanks for trying to help!


hi zipperlein,
try to recover you 5 1/2 disk with SpinRite recovery software

Recovery Technology

Hello Zipperlein,

You should try the following.
Put the suspiciontely damaged Disc into your freezer for an hour.
After this, take it and try to read by ordinary mode immediately. The cold condition is very important!

In most cases, the low temperature redesigns the magnetic structure, at least sufficient for an other try.
This last try should be dedicate to having a copy.
I did this often in the past, with success in apparent hopeless cases as well.
It goes without words, only in cases the disc is unreadable because of the long time run away, it works.

good luck!


It's true , the freezer trick does really work .
I even did this with 80 Mbyte harddrive back in 386 day's .
Good luck

Ontrack system utilities helped me recover data from hdd one time, maybe it can help you with your fdd?

Data Rescue


you'r completely right and my last sentence could be a missunderstanding for other people.
It means actually, no conventional rescueing which include normaly rewriting to disc has happend.
Only this untouch state is a real chance to get the data back.
The other thing is, not only a long time without rewriting is a reason for losing data.
Sometimes unsave writing equipment causes the same. Then it doesn't take a long time to drive the magnetic properties badly and data unreadable.
It would be usefull to know, if somebody perhaps have done it with a 20 GB HDD or so.
The last desperation, if a HDD with precious data crashed, creates sometimes usefull ideas.
By the way, my first experience in this frozen context was a C64 and its CC-Drive.
Those where the days.


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