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how to read image files using C - help needed

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Nov 15, 2005
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read image file in c

I want to learn image processing. how can i read a image file like jpg ad bmp using C program without using readymade libraries like "fastgraph". plz help me in this regard. its urgent coz i planned to do my final year project in image processing.

read image c

Using the fopen() and fgetc() functions. Do you know C?

read image in c

Any image files can be read with 'fopen' or other file operating commands, i hope you know that you can not read as such the actual image data will not start at the very first read operation. any image files has headers in it, for example a .bmp file has 53(approx) bytes of header. And whatever you read will be in ASCII. So be carefull.:|

read an image using c

the thing is that i need details about the compression used in particular image formats and details about headers so that i can decode and process it

reads the image data from jpg image using c

All image file follows particular compression standards. for example if you take .jpg image file, it follows JPEG or JPEG2000 compression standards. Understanding a JPEG header format is very complex. If you are a beginner and want to understand the basic of compression and how a image can be compressed ,try to write c program for a Gray Scale BMP image of smaller size eg. 256X256.

My final year project is on JPEG compression. so you are well come to clarify any kind of doubts on this..(but i don't have idea of header format of a JPEG)

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