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How to making ASIC chip?


Apr 10, 2020
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How to making ASIC chip with fpga?

What hardware do you need xilinx or altera?
What hardware is needed to design an ASIC chip?
What ebooks are there to start designing an ASIC?
Another question is what hardware is needed to analyse an already designed chip or SOC IC of a smartphone chip and do fault injection?
How much does this hardware cost I have a budget
From 6000 € to invest is to venture down this road to create ASICs is to analyse chips already made by companies to reddurrect faults and repair them with fault injection or tolerance programming.
Thanks to those who can advise me and recommend books with pictures how done inside an ASIC chip how to fix faults to other chips SOC IC etc DUT.
Thank you.
A FPGA is a finished product. You can personalize it. But the FPGA
is more a "general purpose" than an "application specific" IC - it
is meant specifically to address a range of applications defined by
its architecture, size, speed, "accessories", etc.

ASICs are "semicustom" parts designed by the customer (or their
hired gun) using a specific foundry's technology and design support
collateral (pre-existing cell libraries, models, rules), all meant for a
specific CAD platform which you probably won't like the rent, on.
Me, I do full custom IC design and have come to prefer open source
tools (although this limits your foundry options bigly).

FPGAs will have vendor development support (may be free, may cost,
read the menu before picking dessert) and some of the popular ones
may enjoy third party / open source support as well. Programming
probably wants a dev board with that infrastructure ($$$ unless you
are known to and blessed by product marketing folks).

There are SRAM, nonvolatile and OTP FPGAs. What you have for resources
may factor into choices - like, a SRAM based FPGA needs a boot PROM
and now you need to program -that- .

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