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How to make the good PCB for High Frequency (MHz) power converters?

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Sep 25, 2011
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I am working on DC-DC power converters with High Switching Frequencies (3MHz), In the circuit, 60V input voltage and the current running in the circuit around like 1.5A, I am using center-tapped transformer (4:1). So, Please can you suggest me that, How many layers have to be used in order to withstand such a high frequency signal. Is it good to design 2-layers (or) 4-layers (or) 6-layers PCB?
And also, give me some hits how to design a good PCB board?

I think one side pcb will be good enough...

Good PCB means not only about the number of layers. It is mainly of proper component placement, routing of signals and also the routing of power plane & ground plane.

nice one :lol:

On a more serious note....
You have a switch mode power supply, within that supply you have high dI/dt switching loops. Work out where these loops are and lay the components out to make these as small as possible. Look at the SMPS controller data sheet to start of with. If you require more information then we may need more detail.

You can insert more detail to collect forum help..
Or you can read ipc2221b or another note about pcb design..

First start reading of the IPC standrads for making PCB. By learning that you will able to come to conclusion and decide what is reqired as per your requirement.

No start looking at EMC issues and the electronic requirements of switching designs... The various IPC guides give the very basic principles of PCB design such as annular ring requirements etc. One would hope these basics have been covered before one starts doing switcher layout, this is one of the most critical areas of PCB design where the layout is critical to getting a product that works and does not pollute the universe with EMI...
And here is a starter for PCB design basic requirements (an eclectic mix)


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