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[SOLVED] How to Interface Microcontroller(AVR Mega Series) with Camera

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Do you have a particular camera in mind? Which interface does it expose? Thinking of popular camera types, you would either need a video frame grabber or an USB host interface. An AVR micro won't hardly be able to do any reasonable image processing because it lacks sufficient RAM to hold a frame.
And what kind of interface do you want with the camera? If you just want to trigger it, and it's a Canon, you can install CHDK and use a simple switch to the USB port.
Thanks bro FVM , and All :) , actually its not me My Friends working on this he was doing something in image processing i don't know but its some project he really want to implement over Real time Based , i think he got 2 M.P cam that he want to interface , with AVR .. i was telling him it can't , USE PIC , what your Suggestion about PIC Micro controller ? ...

What I said about AVR ATmega applies to small PICs as well. But mainly you need a clearer specification about
- camera interface
- intended image processing operations
If you want a faster architecture you may consider ARM based MCU but if you are used into small 8bit MCU like AVR/PIC it will take a while to get used to them.

Thanks ..... Everyone you Helped me alot :) i love you all ... would you consider any good book to start in Image processing i just need a name , i will borrow it :) ..

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