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how to interface fpga board to PC

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Jul 13, 2007
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hi guys.....
need help on how to interface an fpga board to PC...really need it..thanks....God bless

Which FPGA board?

With suitable HDL design and interface components, you can connect an FPGA to any I/O port or bus slot. What do you need?

you can use PCI interface . do you have PCI interface in your FPGA or board?

if the speed is not a problem UART is an easy choice if your board has level shifter. hdl module and dos programing can be found on the internet

what is your software you use to connect with FPGA? tell more about your project so that can help you. suggest printer port ,UART..

thanks for the reply..i wanted to make a display board (8 segment) the displays are updated using the computer...I wanted to make use of the rs 232..but then do you have any idea on how to make visual basic then the inputs will then update the led displays...i really need help..

First you have to chose the conection. For RS-232: On the PC side you just need find out how to deal with the COM port. Which version of VB you are using. The 2008 is very different from previeus versions. On the FPGA side you got to connect a MAX3232 on 2 ports of the FPGA. Inside the FPGA you got to use any UART IP you can find or make one your self
Thanks Sink0..I will be using you have any recommendations website that i can check and study..thanks very much..

by the way..what i really want to implement is a display board whose display can be updated by a you have any suggestions aside from using FPGA what other devices can i use? thanks

If your aim is to build a display board which can be control by Computer, then what i recommend is ..just a microcontroller will do a good job for you. Using FPGA for this will be over killing. Again Programming microcontroller for RS232 or any other interface available in PC (like USB) is easy as compared to writing code for this in FPGA. Well, more over most of the microcontroller are now available with UART, USB, ethernet interfaces and the one which is the most important for your task is..display controller may LCD or 7 segment display.......So checkout this option...and go with microcontroller based solution.
Best of luck........
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Woa.. yea for shure using a FPGA would be shooting with a bazooka on an ant hahaha. Just grab any microcontroller. If you want go serial, ANY microcontroller will do the job, actually you will have a hard job if look for a microcontroller that does no got an embedded UART haha. For USB, there are many microcontrollers with embedded USB, if you need any sugestions just ask here. You could use the famous USB o Serial converter thats handle all the USB job for you and create a virtual COM port on the PC side so that would be the same as using a serial port. If you have any Knowledge on c programming you wont have any problems.

thanks to all your replies..Do you have any codes in assembly language for the UART??? Thanks..

i am very new to fpgas... i have an ml402 fpga... there is an rs232 port available on the kit.. i have to send data serially from pc to fpga and vice versa using system generator (ise) through the rs 232 cable... i have no idea...
first i connect the cable from pc to fpga...
my data is in the form of 8 bit binary numbers...
do i make an sram and store the values/?
do i have to meke a uart module or is it included in the kit??
how to i map the memory in the fpga using system generator???
plzzzz help

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