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How to install linux to view online movies?

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I think many sides provide the guidance of how to install linux step by step like..
ETC ETC ETC.............

you could get lot help if you look into **broken link removed** and for Linux software you could check site like
guess those work for you...

If your on windows, you could use VMPlayer to create a VirtualLinux PC within windows... Performance seems OK on mine... (I use fedora11)... Once setup I have it now on a dedicated laptop that I just SSH and X11 from...

To view online movies in X, you will probably need the GSTREAMER libraries, "Ugly, Bad and good". I had to add the "Levina" repository (google it) to YUM to get them,
but other linny's might be different... "rpm -ivh" adds it easily...

Once this was done it was just
"yum install gstreamer-plugins gstreamer-plugins-good gstreamer-plugins-bad"

Once you got the libraries, VLC, Real and other players should be ok for MPeg and Divx movies.


If u dont know anything more abt commands,repository
You can go for Linux Mint.... for movies

If u want to see movies in redhat need to install VLC player with resolving the dependencies ...
And u have to also install flash rpm so that u can watch online..

To install VLC exe file you can use WINE packeges ...which creates windows environment in Linux..

Instead of VMWare you can use VirtualBox for a virtual PC. Within this you can easily install and test linux.

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