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[SOLVED] How to? I am trying to use annulus.

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Jun 10, 2011
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Hello all,

A little background, I am new to using CadStar 12 and to the PCB design (It is the free verison). So I need someone to explain how to create the annulus shape or how to add it to the shape tool bar. It is missing from it, and I am trying to create a through-hole. Any input would be greatly appericated.

Thank you,

It was somewhat helpful. But that brings me to my next question then. I Have tried to use shapes out of there, but it will not allow me to select or use anything from the choices. So Am I missing something or do something wrong? I do appreciate the help, I am extremely new to this process. Am i trying to add it to the default layer.

Thank you again,

Are you using Cadstar Express? Though even if you are it should be exactely the same.
Could you post a screen shot of when you are trying to add the shape please.

Here is a component that consist of a single annulus pad. It is in archive format so you can try to add it to your library. Go into the Component Library, choose Add File, select archive format and read the file in, it should prompt you to add the annulus pad to the libray assignments.


    19.6 KB · Views: 58

I realize i was trying to add the component to a "default layer", which is my first problem. The next problem is I imported a .dxf file to the default layer. I think this is where the main cause of all my problems are. I think, that I imported it wrong. So right now i am trying to reimport it on a different layer. I do appreciate the help, like i said i have only been working on this for a month or so and never used any kind of software like this. So if i seem lost easily thats why. Yes i am using Cadsta Express.

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The holes, are surrpose to be my annulus holes.

That looks like an IR sensor or similar?
I'm going off line till the morrow, but are you using import DXf and a mapping file.

That looks like an IR sensor or similar?
I'm going off line till the morrow, but are you using import DXf and a mapping file.

Nope just a battery contact board, Yes i am using an imported .dxf file and its mapping.

I use that method extensively to get data in and out of Cadstar and realy like it, though quite a few find it complicated! I have heard rumors that the way it works is going to be tweaked for R13 (ie broken :))


The other rumour is that it will improved :)

If you want to add single holes to your design then you need to add them as a component, you cannot simply "add a pad".

See here for some info on that.

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