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how to generate signals without function generator?

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Sep 11, 2007
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:?:dear readers,
recently i had bought a SRM400 module.i would like to know, are there any ways to generate excitation signals/pulses to the SRM400 without the use of function/waveform generator? or am i dreaming?

i am looking forward to your replies:D A.S.A.P
thank you very much:D

you can use PC Audio card and test tones downloaded from the Net.

thank you very much for the replied.i would like to know do i have to do programming for that PC Audio card?is the PC Audio card inter-related to the test tones software?

thank you very much for your help:D

PC Audio card is just another way to say Sound card , so no programming is involved :)
Just play the tones in winamp or so, use line-out (or speaker out) to pass it to the device. Be sure that the device you are connecting it to doesn't outputs any current back to the PC, because that could destroy your card !

If the output level (typicaly 1V peak-to-peak) is not high enough, use some audio amplifier in between.

Best of lucks,

it meant that i have to use computer to test it. the problem now is that i would like to generate the excitation pulses without the use of any bulky equipment.i want to build a device using SRM400 to be use it possible?
thank you:D

you can use a portable mp3 player, those like a stick pen, and render your tones from that

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