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How to efficiently overclock PIC18Fxx2 and SX28 micros?!

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Mar 27, 2002
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I tried to run some of them with 12MHz and 13 MHz crystal with x4
PLL. It worked at 12x4:48Mhz fine but at 13x4:52MHz didn't worked
for all of chips.

I got better results with oscillators (50MHz) instead of crystals.

I heard SXs can be overclocked much more efficiently. ??

Did you ever tried to overclock PIC18F and SX28 micros?


pic 18f overclocking

I know pic16f84-10p works at 12 mhz but i never heard for pic18f micros. I think it's possible to overclock but hard to find 43-44mhz crystal.

can you over clock pic16f84a-04

i tied a few things with picc84 some years ago

a 4 mhz one could be run {although it did hang every so often}
at 20 mhz using a xtal and a 7404 as its driver
then just using one pin on the pic set too hs mode and told to compile for 20 mhz

it ran ok so i guess it is like potatoes you buy....

pic18f4520 overclock

Hi Sobakava,

I am interested in overclocking 18fxx2, let me know if you got information to do so.


overclock a pic16f877 to 24mhz

Hi beuch,

Test setup is installed on my desk. I'm trying different osillators and
better :bench type function generator.

What do you want to know about results?

pic overclocking


I use a 16MHz quartz on my 18f252.

But for futur use I could be interested in speed internal treatments and I would know if I can go over the 40MHz specified by microchip.

thank you.


pic18 how to overclock

You might get away with overclocking, but then again
you might not. Think of it this way - if the part was
stable at a higher frequency than specified, you can be
sure that the manufacturer is going to sell it as spec'd
for that higher frequency.

Nick C.

pic18f overclocking

I was only able to go to 24MHz on a 20MHZ PIC16F877

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