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How to do optimization in IE3D?

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Jul 22, 2007
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Can anyone give me a hint for this matters...

currently, I'm designing a multi-frequency patch antenna using IE3D...
I've already got the frequencies, but not good enough...
so I want to improve it using the "optimizations" tools in the IE3D...
what parameters I should set for this purpose?

Thank you in advance,

Re: Optimization in IE3D

Hi, micro_tech:

It really depends upon what are your requirements.

1. You will need to define some dimensions of the structure as optimization variables. For example, for a simple patch, you define the size of the resonating edge as an optimization variable. You can define the feed location as another optimization variable. You have to decide which ones you want to use to tune the antenna. IE3D can't help you to choose. As a designer, you have to choose some dimensions as tuning variables.

2. You define the tuning or optimization varables with appropriate bound.

3. Then, you select PROCESS->OPTIMIZE. You will need to define the goals for the optimization. If it is a narrow bandwidth antenna, you can define Re[S(1,1)] = 0 and Im[S(1.1)] = 0 at specified frequency. If it is wider bandiwdth, you can specify dB[S(1,1)] < - 10 dB over a frequency range.


Re: Optimization in IE3D

Hi Jian,

Thanx for responding...
Yes I know we must figure out the variable first, it already settled...

the problem is, in the "Optimization Goal" what kind of parameter I should set?
because there are more than one resonant freq. that I want to optimize?
for instance: Can I set the "Re[S(1,1)] = 0 and Im[S(1.1)] = 0" parameters for more than one freq?

once again thanks...

Re: Optimization in IE3D

Hi, micro_tech:

Yes. You can define the goals at multiple freqeuncy points or in multiple frequency ranges.

Best regards,

Re: Optimization in IE3D

Thanks again Jian, but sorry one more question if you don't mind...

If I want to optimize the frequencies...
I mean by optimizing the variables and in the range of freq that I set before,
I want to know the best frequencies that I can got which have the best antenna parameters (make it simple, the best RL)...
what the optimization goal that I should set?

Thanks before...

Re: Optimization in IE3D

Hi, Micro-tech:

Again, depending upon whether the antenna is narrow bandiwdth or wide bandwidth, you may consider the following:

1. For narrow bandwidth:

Re[S(1,1)] = 0 and Im[S(1,1)] = 0 at the resoannt frequency. If you have multiple resonant frequencies, you just define the goals at those multiple frequencies. If you can achieve Re[S(1,1)] = 0 and Im[S(1,1)] = 0 at a specified frequency, you are getting the best for RL.

2. For wider bandwidth:

You specify dB[S(1,1)] < -10 dB for a frequency range. If you have multiple bandwidths, you specify the goal dB[S(1,1)] < - 10 dB multiple times with each one for a bandwidth.

Best regards,


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