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How to design single/two layers board with Protel ?

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Dec 14, 2002
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protel layers

Hello, I have a problem with Protel (dxp): I want to use the PCI board PCB Template of Protel to design a PCB.
I just need a single layer o two layers board, but if I go in "layer stack manager" everytime
I try to delete a mid layer it says that it is in use and cannot be removed.

I even tried with the "PCB board wizard" , which makes me choose at the beginning
how much layers I want: I select one or 2 layers and after some questions it makes
me choose the pcb template that I want (PCI). After that when I go in "layer stack
manager" the layers are 8 again and I cannot change them :-(

What can I do to use the useful information from the PCI pcb template but to design
a single/two layers board ?? :?



When Pr0tel tells you a layer is "in use" it means there are primatives (i.e. tracks, pads, etc.) placed on that layer. You need to get rid of them before it will let you delete the layer.

Display the layer you want to delete in the PCB Editor window. "Select All" then use "Shift Delete" to delete all selected items. Now go back to the stack manager and delete the layer.

The problem is with file extensions used to identify each Gerber file placed above upper right corner of pci board. Change view to single layer, and to layer which you want to delete and delete unnecessary extension (e.g. .G1 for MidLayer1). Next go to Layer Stack Manager and delete layer.

goto options, pcb board.... on the left top... ou can select the layers you want to VIEW...

if you want the autoplace and route.... goto RULES.. and define their which layers are used for the routing and placement...... as in:

top-layer: Not in use (this defines a single layer)

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