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How to design a 12 V to 15 V DC at 10 A converter

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Apr 30, 2002
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tl494 boost

I am in the need to a stable DC to DC converter

12 Volt to 15 Volt DC
At 10 Ampere output?

I am thinking of a Transformer circuit, but may be this can be done without a transformer?

Best would be to have the output adjustable from 14 to 16 volt DC

Are there are circuits published for this?

Thanks for any help

tl494 boost converter

Sounds like you need a boost converter.
Here's a topology with the controller IC from Linear Technology that has an
input voltage range of 10-23V and provides 24V @ 10A.,C1,C1003,C1042,C1031,C1115,P8850,D8937

You can just change the resistor divider ratio tied to the VFB pin to give you
the output voltage of 14-16V instead. The reference voltage inside the IC is 1.23V so if you choose 139k instead of the 229k that would give you the 15V output you need. Keep the 12.4k the same. Vout = (1 + 139k/12.4k) 1.23V ≈ 15 V. You can put a potentiometer in place of the 139k (with appropriate range or, better yet, a fixed resistor in series with a potentiomenter) to give you the 14-16V output range that you need.

Your input voltage of 12V is within the input range required.

Here's the datasheet used for the LTC1871-7,C1,C1003,C1042,C1031,C1115,P2155,D1403

I hope this helps you out.

Best regards,


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12v 10a inverter circuit

Very interesting v_c, thank you very much for the links and info.

One more question:
Would there be any general benefit in using a toroid transformer instead and send the output through a bridge rectifier?

Thanks for any advise


dc-dc converter tl494

Well a transformer will not allow you to convert dc to dc since the tranformer input looks like a short circuit at dc. So there is no way to use a transformer directly.

If you do want to use a transformer, you have to first chop your dc input into a square wave and then maybe send that through the transformer. But maybe I am misunderstanding your proposed solution.

Either way, if your input is dc and you want a dc output a dc/dc converter is probably the easiest solution to get a boosted voltage at the output with good regulation.

Best regards,

use tl494 as dc booster

There are several ways of converting 12V to 14-16V @10A ..

You can chooss off-the-shelf dc-dc converters from VICOR, for example, an parallel as many as you wish to boost the output current ( **broken link removed** ) ..

I think, however, that you can build dc-dc converter by yourself ..
For this voltage/current level I would suggest push-pull switched-mode configuration .. You can consider the very popular PWM regulator, such as the SG3524, and some examples of its use can be found here:
Another example is based on an older IC, namely the TL494; see picture below ..

In both examples the challange will be in the construction of the output transformer, which in your case, needs to have single winding rated for 14-16V dc output ..


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