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how to control variable speed of DC motors with PWM pulse

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Jan 24, 2006
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plans for pwm for dc motor

hello friends
i want to know how to control speed of DC motor with PWM : i mean i want to high speed of DC motor how to generate PWM pulses and i want to normal speed or low speed how to generate PWM pulses. Can u help me all of my friends.i want to know all of about this:circuit diagram,theory ,and operation .Again i want to achieve more than similar or relative systems : i mean i want to need various systems.
thanks ur kindness.

Re: how to control variable speed of DC motors with PWM puls

by using pwm you will already control

both the speed and direction of any motor dc or ac

pwm has a mark to space ratio controlled by you!!!

so its up to you and what mark to space you supply and at what frequency

and also the frequency and phase responce and also the amount of poles a motor has

a dc motor is as descriptive as looking at the sun

its the perfect dc motor ...

and gravity is its pwm

so work back from there

well, imagine this, you have a switch and a motor, when you turn on the switch, the motor spins, and when you turn it off, it slows down to a stop, try turning on the switch and turning it on, what it does is it will spin for a while and it slows down,

now try this, turn on the switch and never turn it off...the speed the motor in right now will be the maximum,

try turning the switch off and on again, making sure that the time it is on is equal to the time it is off, the motor will be spinning but not that fast...

try turning on the motor for just the minimal amount of time and turn it off, the motor will turn but its so slow...

i hope you' understand that...good luck.

Re: how to control variable speed of DC motors with PWM puls

Ur speed control is open loop or feedback?
It is different in doing the programming.

Re: how to control variable speed of DC motors with PWM puls

if u plan to work with PicBasicPro there is a command i like,which is "PWM(..)"command.very easy to generated pwn is very easy with it.

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