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How to avoid reverse recovery of intrinsic FET diodes in Phase shift full bridge?

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Do you know how to avoid reverse recovery in intrinsic diode of the primary FETs of a Phase shift full bridge converter during light load?
The attached are the LTspice simulations (and schematics) of a Phase shift full bridge (PSFB) converter, and a Plain Full Bridge converter. They are both as far as possible, identical, and are on very light load.
During startup into light load, the PSFB converter displays episodes of much higher FET current spikes than the plain full bridge converter. The circulating current is also, as you’d expect , significantly higher in the PSFB.

I believe that these current spikes seen in the PSFB are incidences of reverse recovery in the intrinsic diode within the primary side FETs of the PSFB. Do you agree?


  • FULLBRIDGE_2kW.pdf
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  • Phase shift full bridge _2kW.pdf
    26.2 KB · Views: 3
  • Phase shift full bridge _2kW.txt
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  • FULLBRIDGE_2kW.txt
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