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how do you use a klystron?

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Aug 4, 2009
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Can anyone help me in learning about how a klystron is used, I have never seen or touched a klystron but we are planning to use one for a project, I have no idea on how to use one, where and how the output can be used. what kind of input do i have to apply in it. I have searched the net throughly and I can't find one that tells me HOW to use it, only how does it work. can anyone help me in this?


You must learn about safety when working with very high voltages or you may kill yourself.

You must learn about microwave RF safety or you may damage your eyes by looking into a waveguide with power coming out.

The input will be an RF signal of typically 50mW traveling down a coaxial cable or a waveguide.

To use a klystron as an amplifer you need to apply the right DC voltages, tune it for the frequency you are using by adjusting it and you have to know about microwave waveguides to couple to power from the klystron to wherever you want it to go eg into an antenna.

You will need information from the manufacturer of the particular model of klystron that you with to use use.

When you have found a klystron with a suitable frequency range and power output for your project you can contact the manufacturer and ask for detailed technical information.

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This example datasheet tells you that you need to apply 12500volts to the main power connector and 6.25volts to the heaters and most importantly this particular klyston is for pulse operation(max 10 seconds) not continuous operation.

Can you suggest me any particular klystron that produces 2.45 Ghz frequency? and Im also hoping for quite a small one like the ones I found at youtube.

We're planning to use a reflex klystron since it's also low power,

just a question, so there are 2 pins for the DC voltage an output cathode and a pin for the RF signal input? im sorry, I have very little idea about actually using a klystron, just how it works in the inside...


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