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How do I automate or create a script in CST to postprocess some CST s-parameters?

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Apr 9, 2005
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Hi, may I know how do I automate or create a script in CST to postprocess some CST s-parameters? After simulating a two port structure, I wish to obtain an odd and even mode impedance by virtue of calculating S11-S12 and S11+S12 to obtain the respective impedances. Could someone direct me on this? Thank you.

Re: CST Script


Unfortunately, I can only relate (and not really help you) since i'm facing a similar problem.
If you are using a parametric sweep, then you can add a watch called : "User defined" which requires programming a special code in VBA macro. I have studied some CST examples and wrote a code by myself.
If its a single calculation, I'd suggest you export the S-parameters and post process them in Matlab or any other technical editor.


Re: CST Script

Hi kelvchan:

Have you looked through the Results Templates? There are many 0D and 1D operations that can be performed automatically during a parameter sweep on just about any CST result. The Results Templates in the Studio 2006 suites are pretty comprehensive.


Re: CST Script

Hi, thanks for the tip but my version is still at version 5.0.

Re: CST Script

Create a Result1D object and load the "^a1(1)1(1).sig" file. (S11)
Do the same for the "^a1(1)2(1).sig" file. (S12)

Then you can do a .add/.subtract or process to get the result and then save or addtoresultree.

Hope this helps.

CST Script

anyones have some totourial about cst scripting

Anyone know how to extract the Q-Value from the \Tables\0D Results\ folder? I use Q1=invoke(mws, 'SelectTreeItem','Tables\0D Results\Q-Value-h-field (f=resf)') but it does not give me the q-value that is calculated from the simulation. I get Q1 = 1. Please help.

Re: CST Script

Can you please tell me how can i see the .sig files in the 'Results' file ? I can't see them in the 'Result' file even if i see the s11 plot after the simulation? This problem appears only in CST 2011. When i simulate with 2008 version i can see them.

Thank you

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