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How can you write and read from a smart card using Atmel AVR?

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Dec 12, 2005
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how can you write and read from a smart card by using atmel avr
please help
if any one has examples about this please help

smart card read using avr

You need to know the protocol for the paticular type of card you are communicating with.

Some cheap cards use a synchronous interface with an external clock to transfer one bit at a time.

The majority of cards use 9600baud rsr232-style signalling with 0v/5V logic levels. The data is half duplex on one connection so you have to tristate your data output when you are not sending bytes.

After the ATR (answer to reset) the protocol is set by the card manufacturer or programmer.

avr smart card

thank you throwaway18
i need to know more about '9600baud rsr232-style signalling' where can i read abou this?

also my concern is can you program a smart card by using AVR without using PC at all??

smartcard write avr


Added after 7 minutes:

can you program a smart card by using AVR without using PC at all??

In some cases yes. When I researched smart cards a few years ago there were portable programmers for cards containing a 16f84 microcontroller (in pirate satellite TV circles they are often called "gold cards" or "wafer cards") which copied the PIC firmware and eeprom data from one card to another.

Some smartcards are ASIC's and cannot be programmed. The functionality is all done with transistors, there is no software running on the
card and the write fuse for the data is blown at the factory.

Smartcards that let you change data on the card through the normal communications can obviously
be used without a PC. you can put phonenumbers on the SIM in a mobile phone without a PC>

iso7816 +atr +avr +firmware

could you tell me more about these portable programmers?
and the kinds of smart cards to use
thank you

AVR and smart card

the kinds of smart cards to use

This entirly depends on what you want to use smartcards for and what level of security you need.

Re: AVR and smart card

i will use a contact memory smart card
my question is what are the types (companies that make smart card) of the smart card?
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