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how can ref des + footprint be placed in homemade pcb?

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Apr 10, 2004
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doing homemade pcb is easy. with a bunch of cad tools, some common household equipment, some chemicals and stock pcb, from the local pcb shop, one can easily create pcb at home.

i was just wondering, how can a reference designation be placed on pcb w/o the use of silkscreen? well, these ref des does not include the "letter-number" combination alone, but the footprint of the device as well.

i tried several methods:

i was able to do it using silkscreen, but its too expensive to implement specially if only one board is to be made.

i tried ironing acetate on the surface of the pcb, but nothing was transferred.

the use "art transfer" (that thing which you rub) is very very tedious. and it needs quite some skill (accuracy and precision) plus art transfers are quite hard to find in my locality.

this last method, will work only for a single sided board. i used a double sided boad to do a single sided board. naturally, one side contains the traces, while the other side the ref des. the consequence of this method is there is possible risk of shorting specially when working with tightly packed components specifically ic's. another drawbak of this approach is that "a lot" of eching compound has to be used just to remove almost all coper on the top side of the board.

is there any other method of placing such info on the board (both for double sided and single sided)???


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