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How can one arrange 10+ LEDs in Eagle PCB on a circle?

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Apr 17, 2011
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If 60 small SMD LEDs are to be placed around in a circle, one way is to determine the precise location using calculations on paper. However, is there a way to do so in Eagle? Perhaps by using a script? I have found that one can rotate part by angle other than 90 by using script command e.g rotate r45 to rotate by 45 degrees.

Draw a circle of the diameter where the leds will be placed.
Draw lines from the center to the circle, rotate them by the number of degree you need them to be at.

Then place your LED's snapping to the junction of the line & the circle.

Delete the lines (or turn off the layer they are on).

Is it possible to use the Eagle built in script language to do this?

Possibly - an you writ e a script?

By the time you have figured out that you can and started I am sure that you could have done as described.

No, I am about to reach the chapter on the built in eagle scripting language in my book. So I was curious if this is one of the possible things that can be done using the built in script of eagle pcb.

Why not to use some 2D CAD (AutoCAD or whatever you have) to create the board and the footprints and then import that from DXF file to Eagle. This is how I did that kind of thing in DipTrace, so far as I see there is an import-dxf.ulp in Eagle as well. However I'm not sure if it automatically converts shapes to pads.

add your 60 LEDs (with names "LED1" ... "LED60" anywhere on your PCB

mark line 8 and copy it down until LED60 (column 8 value should increase)
then save it as txt file with space as delimiter between columns.
with an editor delete the spacees between "LED" and the number (1 to 60)
delete unused lines

within EAGLE run it as a script file.

Good luck

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